August A-Z Music Challenge – Day 3 “C”

Many repeated thanks to Getting Through Anxiety & The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise for creating this fantastic monthly challenge!

August 3rd is a “Band/Singer that starts with the letter “C” & I choose “Carrie Underwood.”

OK, I’ll admit it: I like country music.  More specifically, I like the newer country music that has come out in recent years that combine different genres with the typical country themes.  I went line-dancing for many years & my ex-husband proposed to me at the local (huge) line-dancing club.

While I don’t listen to as much country nowadays as I did back then, I still like a few artists.  Artists like Carrie Underwood, who sings about getting revenge on “no good, low-down men who done her wrong.”

Most people know here for “Jesus Take The Wheel” (which is OK, in my opinion; I’m not a huge “Jesus” fan, though lol) or “Before He Cheats” (which I love & do a mean karaoke version of), but she’s also written some other great revenge songs, like: “Blown Away” (which I absolutely love; it touches me way deep down in the feels) & “Two Black Cadillacs” (which discusses what happens when a wife meets a mistress… with unexpected results).

If you enjoy a slightly dark, soulful, mish-mash of genres, check out Carrie Underwood’s album “Blown Away.”  Here’s the video for “Two Black Cadillacs.”

8 thoughts on “August A-Z Music Challenge – Day 3 “C”

    • I started to feel that way about “Before He Cheats” after a while too (even though I liked singing it).

      Just recently I saw an article where a woman plowed into a house because she closed her eyes, bowed her head, & started praying… while driving. Of course they mentioned “Jesus Take The Wheel” in the article.

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  1. Blown Away speaks to me on a personal level. Plus, I think it showcases her vocal talents.

    B.C. reminded me that I had TOTALLY forgotten about Cowboy Casanova & that’s one of my all-time faves too. 😀


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