August A-Z Music Challenge – Day 5 “E”

Many repeated thanks to Getting Through Anxiety & The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise for creating this fantastic monthly challenge!

August 5th is a “Band/Singer that starts with the letter “E” & I choose “Ella Fitzgerald.”

I thought that this one was going to be difficult.  To be honest, I did a search of artists listed alphabetically &, when I saw the choices, I realized that there are quite a few artists that start with “E” that I simply adore!  Elton John, Elvis Presley… I’m sure I could have found more quite easily.

However, Ella Fitzgerald is on another level in my mind.  She had this dulcet voice & an ability to make songs I’ve heard from dozens of artists sound 100% her own.

Plus, she was so beautiful.
Ella Fitzgerald

4 thoughts on “August A-Z Music Challenge – Day 5 “E””

    1. That’s the one I love the best. I’ve heard dozens of people do that song, but Ella makes it hers & hers alone. She’s my inspiration when I sing it at karaoke. LOL

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      1. So do I!! A lot of my friends are into it. We used to go nearly every single day of the week back when I was still in college (& I could stay up past 9pm).

        Why do you think so few of your friends want to go? Are they shy?


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