August A-Z Music Challenge – Day 6 “F”

Many repeated thanks to Getting Through Anxiety & The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise for creating this fantastic monthly challenge!
August 6th is a “Band/Singer that starts with the letter “F” &, after a lot of thought, I choose “Frank Sinatra.”

This one was a really tough call.  In my house growing up, Frank Sinatra was (&, in Dad’s vehicle, still is!) a staple.  But, so were The Four Seasons.  I know most of the words to a lot of these artists’ songs & I can’t help but to sing along when I hear them!

As I got older, I learned that I have a soft spot for classical music & Frédéric Chopin’s Nocturnes are some of my favorite songs.  I believe one of them appeared in the movie Interview with A Vampire, when Claudia is playing the piano.  They’re truly haunting & perfect for such a movie.

Who would you pick?

4 thoughts on “August A-Z Music Challenge – Day 6 “F””

    1. I haven’t!! You would think, living where I do, I would have seen it. I know a lot of their songs, just from being raised in an “oldies” household, but I still think Old Blue Eyes would win out.

      I should add Jersey Boys to my Netflix. 😀


      1. Do it! I went to see the movie with my mom, albeit reluctantly, but I ended up loving it. I was kicking myself for turning her down a few months earlier to see a local theater performance! Let me know what you think!

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      2. I added it to my Netflix as soon as I finished commenting. It’s currently in position 199…so it might be a while before I can tell you what I think! LOL


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