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This one was a tough-y!  I really love both Edgar Allan Poe (who captures a sense of “odd” that resonates with me) & Mark Twain.

Twain won, of course.
Mark Twain - Anger
This quote hits me right to the core; it speaks to the type of person I want to be & for what I strive.

I try not to say that I “hate” anything or anyone.  I think that, to give someone I dislike that much of my attention is really counter-intuitive.  Also, I think that hating someone doesn’t harm that person whatsoever – the only one affected is you.

That, & being angry gives me a tummy ache… but I don’t think he meant that type of acid.  Still applies, though.


8 thoughts on “3 Days, 3 Quotes Tag

      • Your last line, of course, “Still applies, though”. You beautifully extended Twain’s proverb. I strongly believe revenge causes upset stomachs and even messed up life.

        The thing you called “counter-intuitive”, I’d call “counter-productive”, “evil”, “Eve-less”, “Satanic” or some other powerful word.

        But you put it more softly and I guess did better. Eve always knows better!

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      • Wow. That’s a really lovely compliment. Thank you! I agree completely – revenge & anger causes too much disturbance to one’s life to be worth it. The only person one’s anger hurts is oneself.

        From our (very brief) interactions, it would seem that you have some stronger religious imagery in your comments than I do. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that – I’m merely making an observation (please feel free to correct me!). So, yeah, I tend to be … a bit softer in my word choice. Again, nothing wrong with either choices. I can’t say that “Eve always knows better,” especially considering her place in the religious Parthenon; they’re different choices, neither one better nor worse than the other. 🙂

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  1. I have been studying religion since 1998 and Jesus Christ helps me out in strange ways.

    He usually plays out a demonstration in my life to explain Biblical concepts. Only He can teach in such a magnificent way.

    It is Jesus who demonstrated to me the superiority of women folk.

    Doesn’t Bible say “God doesn’t like those who harden their hearts like Pharaoh” and “Verily, I tell you none of you will enter Kingdom of Heaven unless he be like one of those children”?

    Well, men harden their hearts from their early teens while women don’t and cry like babies.

    Genesis says God put Cherubim to guard the way to Tree of Life (Holy Spirit) from men. Women are not barred from Holy Spirit!

    About women, Genesis says “I’ve put enmity between Satan and Women”.

    Women are our saviors. No one will receive Holy Spirit except through his woman. Kingdom of Heaven means rule of women and will come when men will stop lust and marry their soulmate, woman God created from their rib.

    Only women understand my blog.


    • It’s a very interesting take on the Bible, to be sure! So often I hear the Bible – either Testament, really – being used to show women’s inferiority. I appreciate your unique interpretation. It’s a breath of fresh air.

      I know a teeny-tiny bit about Jesus’s teachings in regards to women, but I have never read the New Testament, so I can’t say for sure how your interpretation plays out in my opinion. But! I’ll definitely be thinking about what you’ve said when I do get a chance to read it (it’s on a very long list of books to be read, rest assured).

      I can’t say I 100% agree that men harden their hearts because it is how they are, however. They are told by society that to behave in a feminine manner (including showing emotion &, yes, crying) is to be avoided. It’s not “manly” to show your emotions. It’s a crock, if you ask me. This world would be much better off if men were comfortable, confident, & safe to share their feelings.


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