Things that Grinds my Gears

I’m so with LolsysLibrary on this topic: Saying that men can’t be abused &/raped is guaranteed to upset & infuriate me. The reason there isn’t more “proof” of these events is the toxic masculinity culture that tells men they can’t even talk about their feelings, let alone being hurt by their partners (of whatever gender/gender presentation). Then, there’s the unjustified, unfair, & plain awful mockery male victims/survivors receive.

So grrr right now… but, y’know what? #ItsOkayToTalk

Lolsys Library

I just wanted to start this post off by saying that it’s a bit of a sensitive topic and probably a little controversial.


I hope Cee’s Photography is having a fantastic break! I guess this post is like sharing a part of my world. This post will give you a little bit of an insight into how I think.

There is something that I would have to say is my “trigger”. If you don’t know what a trigger is, it’s really simple to understand. A trigger is a subject matter that no matter how good of a mood you are in, or how confident you are feeling. A trigger is something that makes you instantly upset and/or mad.

One of my triggers is when a woman will say something like that men cannot possibly be abused or raped, because they are bigger than us.

I can’t…

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