We All Know Him.

Brilliant thoughts on how to be part of the solution; on how to keep another Brock Turner from hurting another woman.

Rachel, Unrestricted

I’ve met my own Brock Turner.

That said, I’m pretty sure most of us (if not all) have come across a few versions of him at some point in our lives. At best, we know him as a mere acquaintance who ‘does dumb stuff at parties,’ but is ‘a really good guy at heart.’ At worst, we know him as the boyfriend/classmate/relative/friend who does the unthinkable…and either nobody believes that he did it, or they do and nothing happens.


Most guys like Brock Turner never even go to jail. And most girls, like the one he raped, are forced to live with the consequences. 1 in 5 of us, in fact– according to statistics. But when I align that number with my own personal experience and that of my friends, it’s the majority (not the minority) who have been sexually assaulted at least once. I can count on one hand

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