Rae’s Rules to Remember #28: Yes, Racism Still Exists

THANK YOU TO RAE FOR THIS POST!! I saw this video a while back & I remember thinking, “One black man, or black woman, or other oppressed group member, can’t speak for the whole darned community.” Using one person of any group to support an opinion that the majority of the rest of that community would say is wrong is ridiculous; then again, so are people who claim racism is dead.

The problem is, people who want to believe that racism is dead will use this to support their opinion. “If he says so, it must be true.”

They also use half the facts (if that much) to support their opinions that a minority group is more lazy, violent, criminally-minded, etc., than their own (or, if they’re members of that particular group, they’ll use it as proof that they’re “different”).

Caucasians commit crimes at the same rate as African-Americans. But, that’s rarely news-worthy. Also, due to racial profiling, Caucasians are less likely to be pulled over/”randomly stopped,” so their crimes are less likely to be discovered.

End introductory rant. Rae is far more clear-headed & to the point than this blurb. 😉


First, I  have to say thank you to Carla @ The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise for bringing this video to my attention. Follow her blog if you don’t already because if you’re not following her, then you are truly missing out.

Now of course, most people will see that a black man is saying that America is not racist and will think one of two things. The first is that, something isn’t quite right and that maybe he is misguided or very privileged. Others will think, “Well, if a black man says that racism doesn’t exist, then I can believe it.”

Well, I am here to tell you that racism, unfortunately, is still alive and well. Having a black president does not prove that America isn’t racist. In fact, it does just the opposite. It’s not to be looked at as, “If a black man can run the country then…

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