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For all the women (and men) who are forced to conform to social norms, who have been attacked on their right to self-expression, and those who have been criticised for embracing their individuality and originality. Here’s to you: 

They tell me to stand tall, not proud, but graceful
They tell me to have ambition , but don’t fly too close to the sun
Dream of the stars they say, but limit yourself to the sky
Be sexually alluring to men, but don’t be provocative
for your consent is determined by the clothes you adorn.
Tease with your skin, be a temptress they say,
But silence your mind.
Shamed into this state of muteness,
They tell me my worth lies in my slim delicate body,
In the graceful arch of my back,
My porcelain, flawless skin,
In my wide child-bearing hips and perfectly rounded breasts,
Hidden secretly between my legs, in my untouched virgin…

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