Happiness Tag

I thought B, over at Getting Through Anxiety, tagged me to do this, but now I can’t seem to find the post on her page!  Well, whoever tagged me did it a looooong time ago.  I’m happy that I’m finally able to respond!

Five Things That Make Me Happy

  1. My Dad.  We’ve had a ton of issues – & we still do sometimes – but he’s become a much better person than he was when I was a teenager.
  2. My offline friends.  I don’t reach out to them enough, but they’re always there for me.  I have some of the best friends imaginable – including one I’ve known since 2nd grade. They might be far away (the one I mentioned above is 3000 miles away right now), & I might not call enough, but it’s like no time has passed when we hang out.
  3. My online friends.  I think these friends & my offline friends each deserve their own space on this list.  They’re both very special to me.  Before I started following Carla’s blog, I was in a very low place, dealing with my physical & mental health issues, for a long time.  I felt like I was doing nothing with my time & that was all I was meant for. However, after finding all the wonderful people here on WordPress, & deciding to try my hand at writing my own work again – in addition to writing about my personal life, feminism, & other issues – I feel like I’ve been renewed.  & my online friends played a big part in getting me to where I am now.
  4. Books make me ridiculously happy (I have to agree with B… or whomever tagged me, I guess… there!).  I love searching for them online, peeking through bookstore shelves like a naughty kid in a sweets shop, taking home my purchases (or opening them, if I ordered them online), organizing them, smelling them, touching them, reading them, writing reviews of them, & writing down my favorite quotations in journals.
  5. Finally, & definitely furriest, my beautiful mini-panther Loki.  Much like me, Loki was not named for a Disney (owners of Marvel) character.  True, Loki of the Avengers & Thor movies is loosely based on the Norse myth, but I named my Loki after the original – The Norse G-d of Mischief & Lies.  I didn’t realize he would live up to that name.  He may not speak, but he lies with those bright amber eyes – blaming me for him missing the bed after a jump falls short, attempting to convey innocence when he takes my spot the moment I move, claiming with plaintive meows that I haven’t given him a bit of tuna after he’s licked my fingers clean.  The mischief, well, you can imagine.  😉

Five Songs That Make Me Happy

    1. Teeth – Lady Gaga
    2. Beautiful Liar – Beyoncé (feat. Shakira)
    3. My Shot – Hamilton: The Musical
    4. Burn It To The Ground – Nickelback
    5. Think Of Me – Phantom Of The Opera: The Musical

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