Tags & Awards (The New Page On The Block)

It’s with heavy heart (or possibly heartburn) that I’ve added a new page to my menu toolbar.  It describes, briefly, how I’m taking a break from tags & awards.

If you’re interested, follow the link to read more.  I’ll update it if &/when I change my opinion on nominations.

The past couple of days, you might have noticed a wild posting spree of awards & tags.  That’s because I procrastinated filling them out right up until I decided to go on hiatus.

While I didn’t have to do them, it means a lot to me that people tagged me – the least I could do is post ’em.  &, by taking days/weeks/months/lifetimes between “award” & “post,” I think I surely did the very least I could do.  😉

Thank you to everyone who has nominated/tagged me.  ❤


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