Rae’s Rules to Remember #57: Abortion

Rae says everything I’m thinking sometimes. While I respect pro-life people’s beliefs, I think that the choice part of pro-choice requires everyone to make the decision that’s best for them & their families.


I’m pro-choice.

However, I do respect the arguments and opinions of those who are pro-life. I get your argument. I just don’t agree that someone else should be able to tell someone what to do with their body.

I also think that sometimes people don’t really look at the big picture.

Not everyone’s bodies can handle pregnancy

I personally think that this is a big deal. If carrying a child puts someone’s health and life at risk, then she should not be forced to continue the pregnancy. I have a thyroid disease and if I were to get pregnant I would have to be carefully monitored and on a ton of hormones to be able to carry full term. Otherwise the baby would most likely be miscarried.

Some people are incredibly careful

No contraceptive is 100% effective. If you’re as careful as can be to try to avoid pregnancy but…

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