Bleeding Our Vets

It’s disgraceful to ask people who served this country with honor to repay bonuses their superiors didn’t have authorization to give out. The Vets didn’t make the mistake, but, as usual, they’re paying the price.

I hadn’t heard about this until I read Clay’s post. I want to thank him for informing people. Everyone needs to know about the horrible way we show our veterans respect & gratitude – this is just one more in a long, long list of how we mistreat them. 😥



Thousands of Army National Guard members are facing the burden of returning money promised to them by their recruiters.

Thousands of veterans from California, and many in others states, are being punished for the mistakes made by their superiors who gave them enlistment bonuses. Now the Pentagon is saying those bonuses weren’t authorized and the Guard members must pay the military back.

If the military made the screw up then they’re the ones who need to eat it. Many members of Congress, Democrat and Republican, agree.

Very few of us serve our nation in the military. It’s unfair to ask so much of our service men and women and then demand more when they return from Iraq and Afghanistan.

I sent this cartoon to my clients just as I was starting this post and I’ve already heard from one my California editors thanking me for it.

I know I probably messed…

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