This is absolutely spot on. It’s especially true in the United States.

The U.S. also needs an evidence-based sex education curriculum for ALL states, cities, counties, districts, & townships.

We can’t keep playing around with our children’s future just because it makes everyone uncomfortable.


We all remember the embarrassment of our science teacher telling us about the menstrual cycle, about fertilisation, and of course the dreaded STDs.

Sex education isn’t a comfortable topic, especially when you’re a pre teen. But at the end of the day, sexual health is a huge deal now and its so important that our generation are educated about it, so I think its essential that it’s part of the curriculum. I feel the stigma surrounding sex education is virtually non existant now- everyone knows it has to be taught and that it’s beneficial. However the real issue is that what is taught just isn’t enough to ensure our sexual health.

Yes, we’re taught the basics, we know ‘how babies are made’. And I can’t criticise the whole system as education about the menstrual cycle, and the emotional consequences of sex are actually very thorough and well taught. Yet we’re not taught in…

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