Mental Illness Myth Number One: Only The Poor Suffer From Depression


If you read my recent post, The Importance of Raising Mental Health Awareness, you’d know that I was furious when another person suggested that I was faking my illnesses and that, by raising awareness, I was essentially doing more harm than good.

Whilst this person apologised (which I both appreciated and forgave; whilst it wasn’t a nice post, we all make mistakes), it made me start thinking of some of the myths, judgements and misconceptions this blogger expressed, and how so many people share similar beliefs.

I have no intention of naming and shaming anyone when discussing these myths, and whilst this is a direct quote (although I won’t be naming the source), I’m sure it’s something similar we’ve all seen before.

“SJW’s [sic] are moving onto mental illness .. [and] are romancing it on social media platforms. [Why] are they being this way?

“Attention. When all these social…

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