9 thoughts on “Mental Illness Myth Number One: Only The Poor Suffer From Depression”

    1. You’re welcome! Thank you for writing it!

      You have the patience of a saint to keep interacting with the anonymous original poster. Even if you limit your interaction to countering ridiculous arguments like this one. You & Ben (with that TA person) are awe-inspiring for your ability to take on such idiocy, & you both do it with such aplomb.

      I don’t get to use “aplomb” often enough. LOL

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      1. Thank you so much!!!! I don’t want to shame anyone – and I have this whole article to go off of – but I feel like these statements/myths really need to be addressed.

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      2. That’s part of what makes your response so skillful! It would be too easy to put this person’s name & link for everyone to see. But you chose to go a different route.

        It makes me respect you even more. I wasn’t sure it was possible, but it happened!!

        You’re right – I didn’t even know that these (ridiculous) ideas existed before I read your post. Someone needs to address them & put them to rest immediately before they spread like some infection. I get that it’s hard to understand people who have mental health issues, but the lack of empathy & down-right foolishness of this argument is harmful.

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      3. Thank you!! That’s so kind of you!
        I really don’t think humiliation is a good tactic. Or shame. But learning/education can change things.
        I plan to do more … but I’m so gutted about the election. I can’t believe the US nominated Trump.

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