Some suggestions I might put forward would include:
– Donate to Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund. This is the political arm of PP & they’re going to need every penny in the next four years (plus whatever damage the new Supreme Court justices do & however long they live & serve on the court).
– Donate to abortion funds. These are collections for people who can’t afford abortions.

I’m sure there are more I can’t think of right now. What do you think? What would you add to the list?

Lauren Parker

  • Get an IUD while they are still covered
  • Start buying Plan B in bulk
  • If you’re a queer, disabled, POC, or a woman, set up a safe house network. Especially if you’re an activist.
  • Open your homes, resources, and support to people
  • Take to the streets
  • Organize
  • Pay the bail of activists
  • Listen
  • Rally around your community and other activists. You aren’t going to like everyone and they aren’t going to like you and too bad so sad, we still have to advocate for people we don’t particularly like
  • Donate money to social movements and organizations
  • Fund abortion clinics
  • Help your friends afford their medication and treatment
  • Demonstrate
  • Get arrested
  • If you are a white, cis, able bodied person, get arrested first, form a protective cover around more marginalized activists
  • Stop saying “I’m so sorry”
  • Volunteer
  • Be an anarchist. That’s right, now is your fucking shot, libertarians. Take. Care…

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