Misconceptions about feminism are too common, but, just because one person claims her/his “feminism” is the only one, doesn’t make it true. Many feminists (myself included) welcome male allies.

(Note: I didn’t read the original article, simply because the quotes Ben provided infuriated me. If anyone thinks I’m wrong, & I should read the original article, I welcome your thoughts! 🙂 )

Coalition of the Brave

Tip #1: Rationalize Adopt political positions that condone misogyny. Never come between a man and his sense of entitlement to sex on demand, especially his “right” to exploit vulnerable women to achieve gratification through the use of violent, degrading, pedophilic imagery. Be sure to remind men that you’re here for them and understand that they[…]

via How to be a liberal feminist — Lavender Blume

I’ve shared this not because I agree with it, but because I don’t.

The post reminds me of a conversation I had with a radical feminist the other week, who insisted feminism is not about equality. This confused me, as what else is feminism trying to achieve, other than ensuring women are treated as equals with men?

Then again, to some, feminism is about creating safe space for women, away from men. That’s fair enough. To others, feminism is about completely removing men from…

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