Everything wrong with the Tomi Lahren interview


I was trying to avoid talking about this, but it’s literally everywhere and apparently some people still don’t understand why some of the things that Tomi Lahren says are an issue.

This video shows Trevor Noah interviewing her on The Daily Show:

So what’s wrong with her response? I’m glad you asked. Since she started the interview talking about calling people on their shit, I’m going to call her on hers.

  1. As far as accepting the election results, I agree. We can’t change them, it is what it is. Do I agree with the decision made by the Electoral College? Not at all. I personally have come to terms with it, but I will not tell other people what to do. It’s not my place. This election will affect people with different experiences in different ways. They may come to terms with it when they are ready. There are tons…

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