Do You Wanna Read…

I thought this book was really good. It’s a good price & appropriate for some children/young adults (there are paranormal descriptions that could frighten young children – I suggest parents read it before giving it to your kids. Also, parents should read it because it’s good!)

B.W. Ginsburg

About a young girl who does what she can to save the lives and souls of others?

About parents who love their daughter and are forced to believe the unbelievable?

About ghosts, angels, and demons?

About creating something that can change how you look at the world around you?

About a family in need of being put back together?

About loss and love?

About the paranormal and supernatural?

About a time in the past when things were different?

About a young girl learning responsibility?

Then Rest in Piece is the book for you! If you’re interested in purchasing my newly published book, please feel free to do so on Amazon Kindle via this link!

Thank you!

-B.W. Ginsburg

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