Haters In Mourning

We need commonsense gun laws & improved mental health care – not political posturing.



A federal jury in South Carolina only needed two hours to convict Dylann Roof for murdering nine black parishioners at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston last year. Dylann pulled the trigger 77 times.

Roof, who is only 22-years-old, is a self-radicalized white supremacist. The same jury that found him guilty on 33 charges will also be the one that decides if he will be sentenced to death or face life in prison without parole.

Racists and anyone who patronizes and tolerates their hatred created the atmosphere for Dylann Roof to kill. You don’t hear conservative politicians campaign and scream for more laws to prevent terrorism by radicalized Christians, like Roof and Robert Lewis Dear.

Dear killed three people and injured nine more when he attacked a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs last year. The abortion clinic attack was encouraged by fake videos accusing Planned Parenthood of selling body parts…

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2 thoughts on “Haters In Mourning

  1. I remember thinking when there was that whole outrage when the cast of Hamilton, when they made that 20 second speech to Mike Pence asking him to take care of them. Most of the right wing were all “BAN THEM! BOYCOTT THEM! Make them unemployed! Screw the First Amendment, BAN THEM!”…Yet their reactions when people are actually killed in and outside of theatres, and people die “Don’t you mess with our Second Amendment! Don’t you dare touch our guns!” Yet, they cannot figure out what’s wrong with their country?

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    • The reaction to that speech was ridiculous! The right wing only cares about the Constitution when it helps them or something with which they agree.

      What’s even more hypocritical, in my opinion, is many of these … let’s call them “people” (I wanna call them a lot of expletives, but I’ll refrain) scream “First Amendment!” whenever they want to force their religion on others. They cry “religious freedom” to keep women from accessing birth control/sex education/abortion services, or refuse services to LGBT+ people. Then there are the trolls online who say it’s their First Amendment rights to harass/attack/abuse others online (which is totally not protected free speech).

      But if someone else wants to use their freedom of speech to criticize the government (an actual form of protected free speech), they scream bloody murder. Or, if someone wants to worship differently than them, or doesn’t believe G-d will curse them for accessing an abortion, it’s not OK.

      There’s a lot wrong with our country. I’ll agree with you that this level of hypocrisy & cognitive dissonance is really high up on the list. :-/

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