Interview With An Author – B.W. Ginsburg

I had the opportunity to interview B.W. Ginsburg about her book, Rest in Piece.  I was interested to learn about how the book went from an idea, to a work in-progress, to publication.

If you have any questions for her about her process, publishing, or marketing, please contact her on her blog!

Thank you to B.W. for taking the time to answer my questions!

  1. From where did the idea for Rest in Piece come?
    • Excellent question! My grandparents had this puzzle upstairs next to the bed that really creeped me out. I’m pretty certain it was of a masquerade ball of sorts. I remember that the dancers looked really creepy. My grandpa’s always been a huge lover of puzzles!
  2. How long did you spend writing it?
    • About a year
  3. What made you decide to self-publish?
    • I’ve written stories in the past and tried sending them in to get published. It always seems to take forever to get an answer and then you find out that your work was rejected. I still prefer an actual publisher picking up a novel over self-publishing, but why wait so long for an answer that might not be what you want? Plus, sometimes publishers are looking for something specific and it’s almost impossible to fit into that exact niche. Why not take control and do it yourself?
  4. What ways have you marketed your book?
    • I talk about my book on my blogs Getting Through Anxiety and Rest in Piece. I ask my friends, family, and fellow bloggers to spread the word as well. Receiving reviews for your book and sharing them is also a great way to market your work. Additionally, hanging advertisements is an excellent way to get noticed!
  5. When did you know you wanted to be a published author?
    • I think deep down, I’ve always known I wanted to write. I probably didn’t know I wanted to be published though until about the fifth grade. I think it takes time for a person to really realize their dreams.
  6. Was this the first story you had planned to publish? If not, what were some of the other story ideas you had before you focused your energies on Rest in Piece?
    • Wow, this is a tricky one to answer. I’ve been writing stories and trying to get them published for a while now. I do remember that I wrote this story about someone acting out things in their dreams that I really liked. I sent it in but it was rejected. Who knows, maybe I’ll self-publish that one down the road too!
  7. Now that your book is published, is there anything you wish you could go back & change about how or what you wrote?
    • I’d hate to say this, but yes. There are a few historical references that aren’t correct and I should have definitely researched further. Also, there’s one word that I know of that I used the wrong form of. If I could go back in time, I would edit those issues.

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