The Good, The Bad, & The Shiny

2017.  There are still several holidays left to you, but I can’t wait to sing you off life’s stage.

Well, if I’m being honest, I can’t wait to pelt you with rotten tomatoes & send the stage hook out to “encourage” you off.  Should the stagehand accidentally throttle you in the process, I wouldn’t complain.

December 31st, for me, held so much promise –

“I’m going to work out at least once a week.”

“I’m going to eat more fruits & vegetables.”

“I’m going to write & blog at least once a month.”

2017.  You reminded me of a famous quotation, which I’m probably paraphrasing: When you start making “plans,” fate starts laughing.

The best in life – friendship, community, accomplishment, sense of purpose, hope, love, commitment, trust – is often intangible.  So, unfortunately, is the worst – fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, loss, grief.

Even though I might not be able to put these feelings into words, I’m going to try so I can share the path on which 2017 put me.  It’s rare that I’m speechless, so it’s important for me to try & express why & when it happens.

The Good

2017.  I managed to reconnect with family & friends over the course of your bumpy road.

Some relationships came back so naturally, it made me wonder why we’d stopped speaking for such a long time.

Others aren’t as smooth, but I recognize my behavior’s part in that chill.

I hope to be a better friend next year.  Not just to those I’ve adopted into my life, but to those with whom I share a (slightly muddied) gene pool.

2017.  I’ve found depths of strength & drive I didn’t know I still had in me. If you told me last year how much I’d be running, carrying, driving, & all with an upbeat attitude, I’d treat you like you’d grown a second head.

Smile nervously & slowly back away until I felt safe enough to roadrunner it outta the room.

Meep meep.

I hope to continue moving forward in this way next year.

The Bad

2017.  You tested my resolve, my strength, & my attention to detail.

People with faith say, “G-d never gives us more than we can handle.”

I say, “G-d thinks too highly of my coping skills.”

2017.  On February 6th, surgeons replaced my Dad’s calcified aortic valve to keep his heart ticking.  He’s now part cow.

The fact that my Dad lived through open-heart surgery deserves to be on the “Good” list.  Unfortunately, the agony he went through & the fact that no one helped me care for him as he recovered made it a real ordeal.

That, & my father has such little patience, is fiercely independent, & hates having other people drive him places.  He makes a fantastic patient, let me tell you.

Still, we made it through.

I hope that there’s no reason for me to be Dad’s caretaker next year.  I know he feels the same way.

2017.  April 8th, my Grandmother joined her husband & daughter in heaven, if you believe in heaven.

She lived a good life, spanning from 1922 to earlier this year.  Imagining all the events she’d seen & experienced during her 94 years (her 95th birthday would have been in August) on Earth sends my curiosity reeling.

It also disappoints me to know I missed out on hearing many amazing stories.  My Grandparents were very involved in my early life, but, after my Mom, their daughter, died, we grew apart.  Only in the past few years did I start spending time with her again.

It wasn’t enough.

I hope to reconnect with family members next year.  I abandoned them in my grief, & I only hope they can forgive me so I don’t have such regrets again later.

2017.  October 8th, exactly six months after Grammy’s death, vets diagnosed my cat, Loki, with nasal lymphoma. His oncologist gave him around 2 years, with extensive treatment.

The fact that Loki – whom I often say is cooler than Batman, & way cooler than Ben Affleck’s Batman – was in excellent health, youngish, & we had pet insurance, also helped in our decision to treat his cancer.

Only after his radiation treatment did we find out that the cancer was more aggressive than his oncologist thought.  His prognosis shrank from 18-24 months to 9 months.

Ironically, 9 months is exactly how long he’ll need chemotherapy treatments.


45 miles away.

One way.

With an 11-pound, whining, miserable cat, who may or may not have bitten the staff at the vet hospital when they diagnosed his cancer – earning him the nickname, “Devil Cat.”

Loki - Sunbeam Cat 10 24 17
After his first radiation treatment.  He was not pleased with anything that day, especially not his “Handmaid’s Tale” cone.

He also earned the nickname, “Wimp,” after he had a bad reaction to the chemo.

We spent a lovely Thanksgiving in a (slightly closer) vet hospital.  It took 2 days to get his white blood cell count out of the toilet & clear up the upper respiratory infection that caused his nose to run like a Usain Bolt chasing a cheetah.

Healthy Paws pet insurance really deserves to be under the “Good” heading.  They’ve been stepping up, paying 90% of Loki’s medical expenses (minus exam fees, preventative care, problems arising from lack of preventative care, or elective procedures, of course), with no lifetime limits.

It’s better than my own health insurance in a lot of ways, including premium costs ($31.90 a month, for anyone interested in getting pet insurance).

I hope next year we find quiet peace & comfort next year.  Of course, I hope my Loki-mon, monkey, shadow-cat is still with me this time next year, but I’m keeping my hopes here realistic.

The Shiny

2017.  For the first time in years, I picked up my pliers & made some jewelry for my friends.

Back in the day, once upon a time, in another life, I had disposable income.  I spent it on bits & bobs of jewelry-making supplies: earring hooks, connectors, charms, jump rings, semi-precious stone components.  My closet over-floweth with jewelry making supplies.

Perhaps they remind me of a time when I had spare dollars & cents with which to buy these pieces off eBay, Amazon, or etsy, & that’s why I don’t want to use them.

Perhaps I don’t have the inspiration I need to make stuff on a regular basis.

Whatever the reason, I hadn’t done any work in a long time.

My friends acted as my muse &, unwittingly, introduced me to a new style of chainmaille (my favorite type of jewelry art) – scalemaille.

It seems perfect for my guy friend who’s into Renaissance Fairs &, like me, has ADHD.

Scale Maille Red & Granite Bracelet4
Fiddling with this bracelet is fun.

I almost didn’t want to give it to him.  My Dad also tried to take it, before he said I should sell it.  But I told him, that’s not why I do this stuff.

For my gal pal, I combined my love of chainmaille with my interest in target shooting.  I’ve collected many spent casings from the firing range floor & I’ve been dying to work them into some jewelry.

Byzantine With A Bullet Bracelet2
I call it: “Byzantine with a Bullet.” It would be wittier if the weave’s name wasn’t “Byzantine.”

I hope to have more bursts of inspiration next year, & to put them to good use.

There you go!  For all of you wondering where I’ve been the past year, why I haven’t posted, or what my offline life consisted, there’s as brief a recount as I can make.

I hope for many more years sharing my inane ramblings with you all, & that the best of 2017 is the worst of 2018.  For all of us.

Happy holidays to all & to all a good night!

62 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, & The Shiny”

  1. Maybe because I’m a pessimist, but while the good sounds fantastic, the bad is just heart wrenching. I’m glad your dad is part cow if it keeps him on this side of the pasture. As for Loki, he sounds like he’s a fighter, and even with cats, black doesn’t crack 😉

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    1. It’s so very true. The working title was “2017 SUCKS,” but I didn’t want to just complain.

      Also, I think that taking note of the good helps to maintain a relatively realistic – “optimistic” would be too generous – mindset.

      I love your comment about my Dad! It’s so witty & so true!

      Loki is a very special (scaredy) cat. He’s only 7 and 1/2 years old, plus our insurance has covered over $10,000 in treatment so far. As long as Loki seems happy, we’ll keep pushing forward.

      You’re absolutely right about black (in general &) cats. They’re fighters. 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words. They mean so much when the events have been so, well, suck-y. LOL

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      1. I almost feel like 2017 was just 2016: Part II like 2016 just didn’t end.

        Sometimes I just come up with punny witticisms 😀

        Thank goodness for pet insurance! I just bought some for my 7 and a half year old cat, too. I wanted to get it for my other kitty, but he’s 15, and they won’t insure cats over 10 :\ I do like that they’ll cover 90% of costs though, which is nice; I’ll just have to have the vet itemize it by cat, which shouldn’t be a problem.

        Aw I’m glad I could do a small thing that meant something ♥

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      2. I like when people make puns witty. In my family, the majority of the puns are really two-thirds of a pun – PU! *rim shot*

        It’s a hard truth – animals are gonna have vet bills the older they get. It makes sense that they don’t want to cover your 15-year-old fur-baby, but it’s still sad. It also speaks to your character that you’re making sure they’re covered.

        I gotta say – Loki’s pet insurance is better than mine in a lot of ways! It covers 90%, mine covers 80%. At least mine covers preventative care (for now) & exam fees (for now).

        Small things mean everything right now, m’dear. When all the big stuff falls on my head, I have to see the silver lining. Thank you for being a part of it. ❤

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      3. Their insurance IS better, right?? I can get back 90% of Cid’s, and yeah, I understand why they don’t cover, but I still hate for-profit health care. I wish I could’ve gotten him covered sooner, but I don’t think we had the money at the time. Oh well. So far he’s in excellent health and I take them both to the vet at least once a year to make sure I’m doing what I can.

        It really is the small things as opposed to the grandiose gestures 🙂

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      4. I’m right there with you – for-profit health care is ridiculous on so many levels. I like this show called Adam Ruins Everything (because I can relate to an annoying know-it-all LOL). He discussed how hospitals determine the costs of their services & it was mind-blowing, in a “these idiots are horrible people who shouldn’t get away with this atrocity” sorta way.

        How much are Cid’s premiums, if you don’t mind my asking? Also, I’m curious to know with what company you ultimately went?

        I’ve realized – especially this year, I’m sure – that the big issues are often bad. Unless we’re incredibly lucky, we get very few grandiose good events in our lives. It’s easy to be fatalistic & miserable unless we notice the small stuff. 🙂

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      5. I LOVE that show lol. He does “ruin” everything as in he explains all of our misconceptions about them. It’s fantastic, and not something I expected to come out of College Humor. I remember that site from college and they were certainly not doing such informative things back then hehe. When I had my gallbladder out, the one night in the hospital cost more than my surgery. It was asinine.

        I’m with Nationwide! I want to say I pay between $10-$20 a paycheck since I got it through my job. Just looked it up and it’s around $300 a year.

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      6. OMG me too!! It’s rare – & nice – to meet someone else who appreciates learning the reality about stuff we hold as “absolute truth.”

        My Dad had his gallbladder removed too. His surgery was crazy expensive – I think it totaled over $100,000 (with all the hospital stay & whatnot, not the surgery alone). They couldn’t do it laparoscopically, so it was bound to be more expensive. However, the stuff they come up with is insane! What’s worse, they then charge people paying cash the same prices that they charge insurance companies, but give the latter immense bargaining power to pay pennies on the dollar!

        This is why people are going bankrupt for getting sick. 😦

        Oh wow! At $25 a month (I got a calculator to do the math; I was an English major LOL), that’s a really sweet deal for an older cat! Also, I don’t know what your job is, but I can say that I love your company for offering pet insurance in their benefit plan. Chances are there’s a lot more that you know that would make me love it less, but for taking care of the fur-babies, I love them. 🙂

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      7. Omg yes, I want to know the truth. I listen to science videos on YouTube all day at work lol. I love that kind of stuff even though I’m a writer of fantasy :p It’s like I love reading and writing fairy tales, and I’d love for that to be reality, but it isn’t,and it’s better to have knowledge/information than ignorance.

        Ugh, when they have to be more invasive, it’s going to be even more expensive. I hope your dad was okay though. I really lucked out with mine. I was pretty much in and out, but I was still appalled at how much just ONE night was.

        Right?? It’s so funny you say “older cat” because I think of Cid as my ever kitten lol. He is turning seven this year which I believe is not quite senior (I think that’s 10). My company is really good about the work/life balance and I work in a really good department with an awesome boss. Thank goodness, because my health isn’t all that great.

        They are literally my fur children. I don’t have any human ones (yet), but I’ve had the one cat his entire life and he’s turning 15 ♥

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      8. Ooo! Which science videos do you like to watch on YouTube? I’m always interested in learning stuff. 🙂

        What you’re saying about writing fantasy/fiction is wonderfully familiar. Neil deGrasse Tyson did an interview with Salman Rushdie recently on his show “StarTalk.” Rushdie said he was very interested in science throughout his education, & claims he uses that knowledge of physics & reality in order to subvert it in his writing. I think he mentioned, specifically, imagining what life would be like if a person was forever 2 inches – just 2 inches – above the physical world at all times. He said, “Imagine just trying to drive a car!”

        So, that scientific knowledge can really come in handy when you’re trying to create something fantastical – if only to specifically warp it.

        Aww! My Loki is around the same age! He turned 7 this past July. However, he now looks much older due to the radiation treatments he had in PA. It turned a lot of his fur on his face white. I say he’s such a distinguished gentleman now – he’s my lil Pierce Brosnan. 😀

        I think you’re right about the definition of “senior cat,” by the way. I only meant that Cid is “older” in that he wasn’t a kitten when I looked into pet insurance like my Loki-monster.

        It’s good to know that you were able to get pet insurance for an “older cat.” I was visiting my best friend the other day & her Mom said she wanted to get pet insurance for their cats, but wasn’t sure she could due to their age. I think they’re around 8 or so (but, unfortunately, they were around 5 when they adopted them & a lot of their veterinary history is unknown; that might be a bigger problem than age, to be honest).

        I’m so glad that your company has awesome bosses & a realistic approach for its workers. It’s sad that too many companies expect their workers to live, breathe, & sustain themselves on their employment (not their paycheck, mind you, the actual job).

        Oh, I understand your heart completely when it comes to the fur-babies. In fact, I don’t plan to have any human ones myself. Loki is my first cat (we had dogs growing up) & he’s been with me through a lot of H***. I like to say he’s my whole world. It’s not that far from the truth.

        Not too sure if that’s a good or terrifying statement. 😀

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      9. SciShow is one of my favorites and I like Nerdy and Quirky and anything by Ted-Ed.

        That reminds me of The Phantom Tollbooth! There was a character whose feet were above the ground, putting him at the height he’d be when he was an adult, and instead of growing up, his feet grew towards the ground. He found it odd that the protagonist Milo grew up because his point of view would constantly change. I adore that book and need to read it again.

        I hope more companies realize that there’s more to life than just work. I honestly feel like if you give people room, they’ll be a lot more self driven and much more work will get done.

        I’d like to have children one day, but I will not be one of those people who acts like her cats are no longer important. I talked to my vet about it one time, and they told me some things you can do to ensure an easier transition. One major thing is don’t leave the pet and the baby alone together. You’d think this would be pretty commonly known, but sadly a lot of accidents happen due to that. I also won’t blame my cat if my kid is rough with him and he ends up with a scratch. I HATE that mentality that the child can do no wrong and the poor kitty has to be punished. It’s one of those times where the consequence is its own punishment, and it could be a good life lesson, too. Fur children are your children! They love you unconditionally and have been something I’ve clung to when things have gotten really bad ♥

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      10. Oh man! I better be careful or you’ll send me into a YouTube black hole of science videos. Still, I’m going to check out those recommendations for future reference. 🙂

        Wow. I’ve never read The Phantom Tollbooth, although I’ve heard about it for what seems like forever. It’s definitely on my TBR list. Unfortunately, that darned list is over 100 pages. *Nerd Pride!* 😀

        I know a lot of tech companies are trying to encourage a more playful work environment & a more flexible work life. Unfortunately, I know of some companies that are pushing back now too. They’re eliminating employees ability to work from home, even if their job can be done that way. Then there are companies timing people’s bathroom breaks to make sure no one’s in there playing on their phones. I hope more companies go the way of the former. :-/

        Aw! That’s a really great mindset to have going into the possibility of having kids. I know there are tons of old wives’ tales about cats & babies (namely, that cats will smother babies or harm them otherwise), but it’s more that there’s a lot of work that goes into blending your fur family & your human family. Too few people are willing to do the work necessary, I think. It sounds like you’ve got a good idea of how it might be difficult, but you know it’s worth it to keep all your loved ones.

        Pets are not accessories. Adopting (or, yes, I guess buying them, but I’m a “adopt, don’t shop” kinda gal LOL) animals is a lifelong commitment. People need to be prepared to care for them for up to 20 years, & to understand that they have medical needs – preventative, acute, & chronic – like any living creature. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      11. Omg I follow quite a few science channels! I love it. Definitely feel you on the TBR list. I’m over 500 now o.O

        Ugh, those companies are probably owned by old white men lol. I’ve heard of the pushback, but I think it might be the old order fighting against the inevitable. That’s ridiculous that they time bathroom breaks. If you treat most workers like adults, they’ll do their jobs even better because they’ll know there’s mutual respect. I really wish companies understood that if you put employees first, employees will treat clients and customers well. It’s one of the ways that trickle down actually works hehe.

        It’s funny you mention kitties and medical treatment, because I just found out today that my older cat needs chemotherapy. He had a swollen belly and the oncologist found what looks like tumors. It JUST happened all of of sudden. I’m so lucky to have a job that’s very flexible, because I wasn’t planning to be at the vet’s for five hours, and, well, I don’t LIKE using credit, but I have a medical credit card for this very reason. My poor baby 😦

        I’m the same way! Pets are family, and I actually really hate the whole concept/idea of “owning” an animal. You can’t own a living thing…it’s just creepy and wrong. Like you can own a car or a computer, because they’re inanimate objects, but if I say smash my car’s window, it’s not a crime or morally wrong. The equivalent with an animal obviously is.

        I feel bad for people who genuinely can’t afford to care for a chronically ill pet. Many of them can’t even afford to take care of themselves, but are willing to give their all for their pets ;_;

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      12. Your TBR list is 500 pages?! Wow! I don’t feel so bad now about the length of mine! Although, I’ll admit, there’s a bit of formatting to that page number. Still, I always felt like such a weirdo having a long TBR list. It’s my “Read Before I Kick The Bucket” list. LOL

        I can’t say whether or not these people are white (mostly because I read about it on a website called where people submit their complaints about their work environment, coworkers, or being customers at a s***ty business; it’s a spin-off of the hilarious NotAlwaysRight, where people complain about customers), but I think an age difference definitely has something to do with it. I’ve found, from my Dad, really, that older people are rigid in their beliefs & either refuse to change or pretend they’re too old to do so.

        Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your kitty!! Of course it would happen to be the one for which you don’t have insurance coverage. 😥

        I’m sure you’ll do whatever is best for all three of you (you, your ill kitty, & your not ill kitty). If you need to talk to someone who has been through this, even if I’m kind of a newbie at it (anyone who isn’t, though, has my sincerest regrets), I’m here for you. Chemotherapy can be tough on a kitty, despite what the oncologist told me about animals handling it better than people. I’m pretty sure they’re only better at handling it because they can’t complain.

        Make sure you ask your cat’s vet about getting anti-nausea meds. My cat wouldn’t eat a thing until he got on Zofran. Even then, it’s a struggle to get him to eat anything. By struggle, I mean I have to chase him from room to room with the bowl, sometimes even spoon-feeding him. It’s rough. 😥

        I know what you mean about animals. Unfortunately, we can’t create a whole new category for pets. Under the law, they’re considered property because you’re responsible for their upkeep, they’re sentient, but not as much as humans, & we’re responsible for everything they do even though they have a will of their own. We can’t give them the same rights as people, because then our cats could vote.

        But, I agree – to call them property seems disrespectful. I’d sell my car before I got rid of my cat.

        Still, I think people get into more legal trouble when they damage property than when they commit animal abuse. At least, I think more cases are prosecuted. >.<

        I'm sure you're one of those people who will do whatever it takes for your pet. I'm here if you need me. *Internet hugs*

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      13. I look at it as I’ll have plenty to read when I retire lol. I’m trying to read the earliest added first when I can. This is really easy with my Kindle books.

        That age group’s mindset is so frustration, and it always used to worry me that I’d end up like that, but I feel like a lot of their stubbornness is due to not having as much experience talking to/relating to other people. With the internet, that’s not as prevalent. Of course the web also spawned trolls, but it also showed many people that they weren’t alone in so many different ways, and that validation meant that they didn’t need to push their feelings down as much, which is what that generation was taught to do. It’s where the “suck it up and deal” mentality came from. That’s one of my most hated phrases. It’s so dismissive 😦

        I completely agree with you. He’s having a rough time. He’s so tired he doesn’t want to move even to eat so I’ve been bringing him his food if I see he’s awake. I think they say that either so you won’t worry or because they don’t see the direct results.

        I was going to tell her that his appetite doesn’t seem to be much better, even though she said the Prednisone would help with that. Speaking of which I have to give him his half a pill before bed ugh. I know he needs it, but because he doesn’t understand why, I’m afraid he thinks I’m torturing him ;_;

        I think they did something in France with it. I wouldn’t put them at the same legal status as children, which is obviously far more extensive, but I think it would open up the ability to better enforce animal cruelty violations.

        They do depending on how much the property is worth. If you damaged an expensive car, it would cost you more in civil damages than if you tortured an animal, and that’s horribly wrong.

        Aw thank you! ♥

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      14. It sounds like you’re way more organized than I am! I don’t know what books I added when – I don’t even know which books I already own from the list! Thankfully, Rae (BookmarkChronicles) passed along a great idea where I mark all the books on the list that I own with highlighter. I just have to implement it. Eventually.

        I’m the Queen of Procrastination lately. 😀

        I agree with the whole “suck it up & deal” attitude being counter-productive, not to mention what it does to people. So many are unable to express even the most basic emotions due to people saying stuff like that phrase! People are now expressing their emotions, for the most part, a little better & more honestly. I hope that trend continues!

        I also think that the older generation has bigger issues with the invention & proliferation of the Web than just its connecting like-minded people across the planet. They’re from a time when they called people & went to see them in person when they wanted to contact others. They used to have to go to the library to look up information, or call 411 to get a telephone number. There’s a lot of change coming at them fast & they can’t – or really don’t want to – adapt.

        In a way, they’re not wrong. We live in a much less personal time.

        Ugghh! I’m so sorry your baby is going through such a tough time. I feel you, trust me. Seeing my Loki so listless, tired, & unwilling to eat breaks my heart – especially since he’s always been a “chow hound” (as I called him). We used to struggle with him being overweight. Now, he’s lost a pound since June. 😥

        The vet who said that the Prednisone would help with his appetite – was this his regular vet or his oncologist? From what I know, Prednisone is a steroid, which helps with inflammation & reduces swelling. It might reduce the tumors a tiny bit, I think, since Loki is on them too. Maybe that would make more room for food, but he might also need an anti-nausea medication (my vet gave us generic Zofran), or an appetite stimulant (like Mirtazapine).

        Did the vet do a biopsy to see if the growths were actually tumors? I mean, I don’t know what else they could be, but I’m not a vet.

        UGH. Giving pills is the worst. Wait, I take that back. Giving liquid antibiotics is worse. But, pills are a really close second. I give Loki 2-4 pills a day & he’s getting antibiotics this week too. Thank goodness he’s a very “resigned” cat (he hates what I do to him, but he puts up with it with a little bit of whining).

        Also, I bribe the heck outta him. Treats before & after sometimes. For the longest time, he loved Greenies. Now he’ll only eat H3 Essentials freeze-dried chicken. Spoiled a** cat. 😀

        That’s so interesting! I should look up the regulations in France. I’d like to see how they created a third category in addition to “people” & “property.” Animals are closer to the former in my opinion. I know I like them better than a lot of people!

        You’re very welcome. I apologize, in advance (or after, depending on my early rambling about cat meds!), if I give unsolicited advice. I’m just overly opinionated & pushy. It comes from a good place (most of the time)! ❤

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      15. I credit Goodreads for my book organization lol. It’s how I know when I added things, and I try to remember to update when I start and finish a book. I keep adding more to my DNF pile though. I am really not wasting my time on stuff this year.

        I remember that time when I was growing up, too! It’s weird having lived in what could be considered two different worlds, because I recall when you only had landlines, and if you wanted to talk to someone on the phone, you had to catch them at home or leave a message. If they were out, they were out, and you weren’t talking to them. If you had plans to meet, you had to pick a predetermined location and be there at a certain time, and it worked! We still hung out with our friends, made plans, met at the mall, and all without cell phones or internet, BUT I can’t deny that the advent of both makes things so much easier, so while of course we were able to navigate a world without that technology, it certainly makes things easier. Now don’t ask me if people are becoming more withdrawn due to it or if the withdrawn and socially anxious of us now have the ability to communicate without dealing that anxiety, because I couldn’t tell you. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, well…its a little bit of both. There are people who would just be isolated without it, and I kind of feel that it helps bring people together and spread information. I think the older generation sees it as problematic because in their day, they HAD to do the social thing to some extent in order to have friends. It would be an interesting study.

        It was his oncologist. He’s having a really rough night. His belly is just as swollen again, so I’m not sure if maybe the medicine isn’t getting down and/or he’s spitting it out. He had vomited all over the carpet when I came home, and when I offered food, he literally threw up all over it 😦 He’s been wandering around the front room laying places. I think his stomach is making it hard for him to be comfortable. I have to make sure the dose gets down tonight, because I don’t think he’s getting it, and it’s showing. He’s been making this sad mewing noises, and I think he’s in pain, and it’s breaking my heart. I might call his regular vet tomorrow because I think he might be wheezing. My poor old man ;_;

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      16. Hmm. Maybe I should try utilizing Goodreads more? I mean, I’ve had this list for the longest time, so the “want to read” books would all have the same date if I added them all now. Also, I have a “books read” list, but I only put dates for the books hitting a major mark (i.e. 100, 200, 300). I’ve had that list since 1996.

        I love lists. LOL

        I remember when my parents got their first “car phone,” in its huge case, costing an arm & a leg (but, we needed it because there were two small children & my Mom had cancer). I remember learning computer at school by playing Oregon Trail, & getting our first computer & printer, the latter having that annoying paper that you had to fit the holes onto the reels & rip off the perforated edges when it was done.

        Ah yes, back before Google being on hand at all times. Those were dark days. LOL

        In all seriousness, I do see what those people are saying. I think the ease of feeling like you’ve interacted socially does make actual face-to-face interaction more difficult. Not to mention the anonymity strengthening both positive & negative personality traits.

        But, the other side of the coin is, we “meet” people we never would have otherwise. For people like me, & many others, we find the support & confidence we need when we can’t go out as much as we’d like. Still, I find it hard to get myself out of the house, possibly for the same reason.

        I’d love to see some sort of research on it, for sure! I’d feel bad for the people who had to live without Internet for science’s sake. LOL

        I’m so sorry to hear about your fur-baby. Trust me when I say, I know exactly what you mean. For the longest time, & still sometimes now, I had/have to spoon feed Loki. He has trouble smelling food sometimes (other times, he knows I’m eating from 3 rooms away & comes to beg for first dibs). It’s awful seeing them in pain, then doing stuff to them that they find scary & painful, never knowing it’s supposed to make them feel better. 😥

        What did the oncologist recommend, overall? Surgery? Radiation? Chemo? Or comfort & quality of life? Whatever you choose is the right choice.

        Loki’s oncologist introduced me to one of her former patient’s owners (since nasal lymphoma is so rare, she thought I needed someone to help me understand the situation better – not to mention answer all the questions she didn’t want to answer herself, I’m sure). She introduced me to a lot of really great Facebook support groups for pet parents dealing with a cancer diagnosis. I’d be happy to pass along the names!

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      17. Goodreads is the most useful site I’ve ever found for a book backlog repository. You can add as many shelves as you want and organize things how you please. It tells you what days you’ve added what books, so if you want to read the oldest added first, you can do that! It’s what I’m doing with the books I have on my Kindle, and I’m tearing through them right now!

        Cancer sucks 😦 My maternal grandmother died of breast cancer so I started having mammograms at age 35 and I get follow ups every six months to check on this one thing. I’m glad we have the technology we do.

        Oh god, I just realized I replied to this comment just a few hours before my husband rushed him to the emergency vet and we had to make the heartbreaking decision to put him down. The tumor was huge (it must’ve just grown back overnight), he was having trouble breathing, and his heart was failing. I knew when my husband called me that that was going to have to be the decision. I had to take a Xanax to get to sleep that night because I just couldn’t stop crying. I’m better now, but I obviously still miss him. Almost every day I see one of those memory posts on Facebook about him, and my phone has more pictures of him than it does my husband. I had him for nearly 15 years, and he just went downhill so fast. I know my other kitty is lonely, so I think in a few months, we’ll adopt a kitten, because Cid is very playful and he could use a little friend.

        Thank you so much for your kind words and the offer of the support group! I’m still second guessing if I could’ve caught it earlier, but cats are really wily with keeping any sickness they have to themselves, so it’s possible he didn’t start to show until it was well along.

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      18. You’re definitely making a compelling case for me to use Goodreads more! Then again, I’m sure if I looked at my TBR list & thought about adding them all to the site, I’d find myself playing a video game or otherwise distracting myself from reality for a few weeks to procrastinate. LOL

        I’m only half-joking in the previous paragraph – I am using silly games to avoid thinking about real life lately. I know it’s wrong, but at least I acknowledge I’m doing it, right? :-/

        I couldn’t agree more. My Mom died of breast cancer (it spread to her brain/brain stem) at 50. She was diagnosed at 38, six months into her pregnancy with me. She delayed treatment until after I was born. To say I felt, or was encouraged to feel (by parties who shall remain nameless), guilt due to that would be an understatement.

        Then, my first cousin was diagnosed in her late 30s or early 40s. She also had the blood test done & doctors determined she has the “cancer gene.” She had a preventative hysterectomy.

        But, Medicare wouldn’t cover my mammogram last year because, & I quote, “too young.” This, despite recommendations by my doctor & the general acceptance that women should have a mammogram 5 years before their nearest relative’s diagnosis. I’m convinced sociopaths work at insurance companies. >.<

        Still, I'm glad you're *knocks on wood* so far cancer free & so am I. May we both stay that way a long time.

        Oh sweetie (I hope you don’t mind the term of endearment, I do it to everyone; that doesn’t mean you’re not special, though!)! I’m so very sorry to hear you had to put him down. All I can say is, you made the right decision. I have a PDF on euthanasia, if you want it & feel up to reading it. The TL; DR version is this, though: It’s easy to wait “too long,” but rare to let our babies go “too early.”

        Please forgive me if I say anything out of turn during this time. I’ve realized that people will say the wrong thing, with good hearts, during any grieving period. Whether it’s the ending of a relationship, or the loss of a loved one, well-meaning people put their foot in their mouths. I’m quite adept at the gymnastics required to get my hoof to my face, I know – that’s why I’m apologizing now!

        Trust me, there’s no way you could have known sooner than you did. Whenever you’re ready, I’m sure Cid will be an absolute terror to the new cat for a week or two! 😀

        My sister is planning on fostering a cat starting this weekend. I hope Loki puts up with her! LOL

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      19. I think it took me months to put all of the books I own on the site, but I can’t talk it up enough for how useful it is! I used to use Amazon for it, but I got tired of getting email ads for everything. Goodreads will send you emails sometimes, but they’re not nearly as pushy, and it’s mostly for books on your lists that have giveaways (I’ve yet to win).

        My main go to is distraction/disassociation so you’re preaching to the choir!

        It really amazes me the dumb shit people can say to someone. You honestly think anyone blaming a child for their mother’s sickness during pregnancy and/or birth would be the stuff of stories, but you would be wrong. I even get annoyed when mothers try to guilt their children into how long they were in labor. THAT’S NOT THEIR FAULT. It’s one of the most virulent forms of mental and emotional abuse as if you had anything to do with her choice. We’re already programmed to feel guilty (which is why I no longer do shots), and instead of having support to assuage and demolish that feeling, you have people encouraging it. I, too, have no words besides some vulgar ones. My mother died early, too, for reasons that aren’t completely known. My dad never got an autopsy, and I have some feelings about that to say the least.

        I don’t mind! You’re not using it in a patronizing manner therefore you’re totally fine, and I appreciate the sentiment ♥ I’m now at the point where I can look at it intellectually and not be a wreck, and even though I’m still second guessing certain things (like when did he first get sick, could I have noticed, what if I’d taken him to the vet in January?) I think I’m fine. I’ve been thinking about adopting a kitten in the coming months so that my other cat can have a little friend, plus kitten antics are kind of the greatest thing ever and I’d love to see how a new little one and my Cid would get along. Plus they always need homes, and “kitten season” is coming up.

        I would LOVE to foster kittens! It’s one of my life goals hehe. I’d like to have a bigger place though and the ability to stay home more often, but I don’t think anything would be much more satisfying than that.

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      20. You ought to be a marketing person for Goodreads. LOL

        I did transfer my Amazon wishlist to Goodreads, I think. Then, of course, I had to sort out the stuff that ended up on the wrong “shelf,” & it added coloring books too (don’t judge me; OK, you can judge me, just do it quietly LOL). I don’t even have a list of all my physical books – which, funny enough, I need to see which on my TBR list I have already – & I have a couple thousand Kindle books too.

        The whole process would take weeks just to get to the point from where I could start! Still, every time we talk, I think about it more & more. LOL

        I really do agree with you. I’m ashamed to share who it was who said that. I’d say they said worse, but it probably wouldn’t be true. 😦

        Introducing cats is so much harder than people think! My sister, who has had cats since the late 90s, didn’t realize how territorial cats can be & how slowly they need to be introduced when she wanted to bring home a foster. Luckily, Loki is a super laid back cat (or he’s too sick to care at the moment). We got this teeny-tiny 2-year-old foster named Honey on Saturday &, while they’ve been in the same room for a few minutes, all Loki did was hiss at her & walk away. Honey is so anxious though, I wonder what she’s been through. Still, super sweet cat; she just needs the right home.

        I hope your new kitty – whenever you get it; I don’t judge either way! – & Cid get along at least as well. You did what was best for your kitty, I don’t think you could’ve caught his illness any sooner. ❤

        Oh man, I don't have the emotional fortitude for fostering. I watch Kitten Lady on YouTube & she has the best line – the successful result of a fostering situation ends with the kitten/cat leaving. I couldn't spend time, get attached to the cat, then give it up. I'm not a fan of putting Loki through all of it either, but my sister is starting to come around to having another cat after hers died a couple years ago. I want her to be happy.

        Loki can deal. LOL

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      21. Oh I don’t judge coloring books lol. I have a few myself 🙂

        It’s a very delicate process to introduce cats, because you’re introducing two territorial, little tigers to each other. I know when we babysat my little fur niece, she was so hissy and anxious because she lives with a VERY dominant cat. Kin-mei only hissed back when she was, but didn’t mind because she wasn’t attacking him. Cid just looked confused because he wanted to play, and she was clearly to afraid to. He’ll do so well with a little kitten buddy ♥

        Gah! I love Kitten Lady, too 😀 I think it’s very difficult to detach like that, and I’d hope I’d be able to do it. I do get emotionally attached easily though…

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      22. Exactly! You’re one of the few people I’ve found who knows the difficulty in introducing cats. We all hope for the best, of course, but we can’t rush most of our little tigers (or, in my case, a tiny house panther/ninja lol).

        We don’t know Honey’s history, unfortunately. Either she had a bad start, or all this moving around, poking, prodding, new people, new sights, & new smells are throwing her for a loop. I went in to see her while my sister was out – I had my hood up on my hoodie & she went to run. I took the hood down, forced a pet on her (she was still unsure about run or stay), & she immediately began demanding I pet her forever. She was pacing, purring, & the moment I sat on the bed, she was in my lap, nuzzling my chest.

        She really is the sweetest little bit of a cat. Her name suits her perfectly. Only, it seems like she might’ve been stung before, y’know? 😥

        Loki is kinda like Cid was when you babysat the fur-niece. He wants to play with Honey, or at least get close enough to sniff her with his less than stellar nasal passages, & she wants nothing to do with him.

        I think what makes me sad is, by the time she warms up enough to come out of my sister’s room & interact with Loki, she’ll probably be off to another home. 😦

        OMG I’ve never found someone else who watches Kitten Lady! (Although, judging by her viewing numbers, I shouldn’t be surprised! lol) Have you ever heard of/watched Cole & Marmalade? I love them too. That’s less informational & more watching a British guy & his wife play with their cats, but they’re quite popular.

        I’m trying not to get emotionally attached. It’s definitely difficult.

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      23. So many people just throw them together without giving them time to get used to one another! Cats aren’t antisocial per se, but their sociability is different from dogs. I feel like the general population is more used to that, which is why cats can get a bad rap. Most cat people I’ve met are okay with dogs. They don’t hate them; it’s usually that they prefer cats and/or they don’t have the time, space, money, ability to take care of a dog. Some dog people, though, HATE cats like woah, how can you love one type of animal, but hate this one. If you don’t like something or are allergic, okay fine, but that doesn’t give you leave to hurt them 😡

        I found a little cutey on Petfinder, and he’s not too far away from me. I might fill out the application tonight and make a trip over to the adoption center this Friday. It’s funny how the instant you let on you’re looking for a kitten, millions of people pop up offering them lol.

        I wonder if she was hurt by someone wearing a hoodie 😦 I’m adamant about keeping my kitties safe inside with only balcony visits supervised. I get antsy and paranoid if they’re out there alone for too long. I doubt they would, but I get nervous they’d be excited by something and jump off.

        Yes! I forget how I found her, but it was probably recommended to me on YouTube since I watch Animal Cops and stuff like that. I follow Cole and Marmalade on Facebook! I love the videos of them 😀

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      24. I know!!! I had a long-time partner (more than a friend, not a boyfriend type of deal that worked out wonderfully for us) who had a pair of sibling kittens. When one died, very suddenly, he wanted to get a new cat to help him & the deceased kitten’s sister heal. This, in & of itself, is an adorable story. But, I tried to tell him – even before I got Loki, my first ever cat (I was raised with dogs) – that the research I came across said to introduce them slowly, giving them towels with the other cat’s scent on it, & “sight-swapping” (Jackson Galaxy FTW!).

        Yeah, he didn’t want to do that at all. He tried to introduce them almost immediately. I was there when this happened &, after a very close encounter with a cat fight, he turned to me & said, “What were those steps the Internet recommended?” I thought it was so funny! 😀

        He’d probably be so peeved if he knew I was telling that story. LOL

        Cats are more independent. They can take you or leave you. I think some people prefer the blind love dogs give them. I like that cats will go away sometimes. Well, most cats will – of course I ended up with the dog stuck in a cat’s body. LOL

        I always find some cute little thing on Petfinder or when I go to Petsmart. I’m drawn to black cats, due to the silly superstitions & the fact that, since they blend in to the shadows in the back of their cages, they’re the least likely to get adopted. It doesn’t hurt that most of my clothing is black & I don’t have to worry about lint rolling it so much. When the oncologist gave me Loki’s diagnosis (before I knew treatments were available), I saw the cutest little black tumbleweed with legs. His name was Poe too (I love Edgar Allan Poe).

        Of course I’d rather keep my meowing dog, though. 🙂

        Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure someone hurt that poor foster fur baby. She moves away from people when they try to pet her, even though she loves it when she’s getting petted. It’s sort of like you have to force the first pet, then she realizes, “Ohhhh, that’s right, I like this!”

        But, even after 2(ish) weeks, she still hasn’t stepped much outside my sister’s room, nor has she come within 2 feet of Loki. Now she’s at Petsmart – I don’t know when, or if, she’s coming back. I hope she finds a nice, quiet home, with people who are willing to let her take her sweet time to get used to them. She’s gonna need a lot of coddling. 😥

        Oh yeah, I’m the same way. I refuse to let or take Loki outside (although I’ve toyed with the idea of halter training him). He’s also not allowed near an open window (with the screen in place) unless someone’s got an eye on him. There’s just too much that could happen! It would be nice, one day, to build my animals a little “catio” screen enclosure.

        Ah! I like Animal Cops, even though it’s so depressing! I love watching Cole & Marmalade videos. I subscribed to their YouTube channel, plus the one their human slave also runs, Cat Man Chris. 😀

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      25. We just adopted our new little princess this weekend and are going with the name Garnet ♥ I’m a huge Final Fantasy geek, and Garnet is actually the princess from FFIX. They’re seen each other, because Cid (also from Final Fantasy) is a sneaky chubster. She hissed at him a little, but he’s very chill and just wants to be friends, so I’m confident that they’ll get along once she gets used to everything. She’s a purrbot just like him; I wonder if it’s a brown tabby thing. I’ll posst pictures in my next State of the Reader because for some reason that seems to be where I talk about my cats lol. I can’t get over how cute she is. She’s four, which is older than what we were looking for, but as long as the catitude and purrsonality (I’m SO sorry) is good, I couldn’t care less 😀

        Black cats and dogs are the least adopted pets, and it’s just awful. Brown tabbies are second, which I don’t get. Cid is one and so is our new girl. So far two for two, they have great personalities. With black animals, they’ll often give them colored accessories to help them stand out. A lot of shelters won’t adopt them out around Halloween, because humans are terrible, and some people will only get them to hurt them 😡 Garnet is a little bit jumpy so we’re trying to move a bit slowly around her, but since I have anxiety myself, I understand being startled easily. That’s such a shame about that little foster baby 😦

        I love Jackson Galaxy. I have his book on my to be read list, and I love that on his show, he points the blame where it typically belongs: on the humans. Cats like dogs have their way of telling you how they’re feeling, but humans either don’t know how to interpret or aren’t listening. They communicate with their entire bodies, so you just have to pay attention.

        Cid used to run out of our apartment door all the time, so I figured I’d get him a vest and leash to take him outside. He started crying immediately, so I brought him back in, and he didn’t run out for a while BUT that didn’t last for long. I wish we had a garden or something so he’d have a safe space to explore outside, I just bought a huge cat tree for the two of them, which I should’ve done a long time ago.

        Did you ever follow Colonel Meow?? He passed away a few years ago sadly, but he was like the most intense looking cat on the internet. The amount of internet cats and dogs I know probably exceeds the ones I interact with in real life 😀

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      26. Congratulations on the new addition to the family! I’m glad that Garnet & Cid (love the names, btw) are accepting, tentatively, each other’s existence. I think that’s just the sort of relationship cats have in the beginning. That’s how Loki & Pie (the newest of the foster cats, although the two we’ve had thus far have both been red-headed tabbies & super people friendly) are interacting right now.

        However, Loki seems super eager to play. Pie has wandered out of my sister’s room, very, very cautiously, & when Loki does the whole, “I’m gonna follow & swat at you” schtick, Pie gave him a bit of a slap. All good signs, in my opinion. But, as with many fosters/newly adopted cats, Pie (&, in some way, I’m sure Garnet too) is very unsure of the whole new world in which he’s found himself.

        I liken it to imagining you were picked up one day, taken to a new planet, & you’re surrounded by huge aliens & an unfamiliar landscape. You don’t know how you got there, how long you’ll be there, or if it’s safe. It takes a while to adjust!

        Oh, I know all the background about black cats & adoptions. Chris (Cole & Marmalade’s human slave) taught me that information. However, I’ve heard the rumor (I really hope it’s true!) that the release of Black Panther made adopting black cats cool. Here’s hoping they don’t get tired of the responsibility & surrender them, though.

        I’ve heard it said that darker color cats, when they’re huddling in the back of their cage/crate, can disappear into the shadows, making it harder for potential adopters to see them. Maybe that’s the case with the brown tabbies too?

        I love that about Jackson Galaxy too! Whenever I see an episode of My Cat From Hell, I say to the people on-screen, “Your cat isn’t getting enough exercise/stimulation/hiding places/territorial security!” LOL

        I did follow Colonel Meow. Poor babe. He had such a strong face! It was like someone put the soul of a disappointed father figure into a ball of orange fluff. ❤

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      27. They were having it out a bit this weekend hehe. Garnet is smaller than Cid, and she can STILL take him. It’s more of a bit of a turf war or a “stay out of my hamster ball” situation, because Cid has NO sense of social space even amongst cats. Cats in general couldn’t care less about social space in regards to humans, but they usually learn each others boundaries and respect them. Cid’s always been terrible with that lol.

        I’ve seen many shelters tie a bandanna around black dogs to make them more noticeable. I don’t know the deal with brown tabbies. Maybe people think their coloring is boring? It’s pretty ridiculous. I think they look like little leopards or jaguars.

        I’m just happy they’re both using the cat tree now. There’s different levels and they’re both sleeping on one. $90 well spent!

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      28. Yay! I’m so glad she’s asserting herself & feels confident enough to push back. Cats need their own space, & she’s telling him, “no, this is my territory.”

        I know some cats that aren’t around a lot of other cats in their formative years tend to be bad at kitty cat communication. I’m pretty sure that’s part of the reason Loki is so weird; maybe Cid too? 🙂

        Pie & Loki have started getting along better too. Pie chases Loki & has come out of my sister’s room a bit more. He’s still not 100% sure of himself & tends to hide or run away when I appear. But, he loves high places. Today, he got on top of a 5 foot + free-standing cabinet & back down. I still have no idea how he did it, but he did! I really wish we could get him a cat tree, however, since he’s not a permanent resident here, it seems sorta foolish. :-/

        I hadn’t heard that brown tabbies had the “dark cat color” problem like black cats, but it makes sense now that you’ve told me. Maybe their dark stripes & shades make them harder to see too? I don’t get it either – black cats are like house panthers & brown tabbies are like little leopards. They’re the coolest cats, in my opinion. I always get drawn to the black cats at the adoption centers, that’s for sure.

        I’m really glad to hear the cats are getting along well. That’s always my biggest fear when I hear someone’s getting a new fur-baby. Those first interactions can make or break a peaceful coexistence! 🙂

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      29. That’s the funny thing; Cid has been around other cats his entire life. He was dropped off at the shelter with six other animals around six months of age before we adopted him, and of course we had Kin-mei. We have noticed he seems to fall off of windowsills and he’s…well he’s not the brightest cat hehe. So I think some of the communication might go over his head, but him and Garnet seem to get along well because she’s a bit younger. Kin-mei was around seven when we adopted this little, annoying kitten whereas him and Garnet are both adults. We also bought a cat tree for them to sort of bond over I suppose? Since it was new neither cat had their scent on it, so it was something for them both to claim.

        Are you fostering Pie? I would love to do that one day. There are quite a few breeds I’d love to adopt, too like the sphynx and Maine Coon, the latter are HUGE.

        They do look like little leopards or jaguars! Black cats look like panthers, and I AM really happy that the movie Black Panther (among other things) boosted the adoption of black cats. There’s going to be a slew of them named T’Challa now hehe. I just hope it’s not going to be a temporary thing as in the people adopt the kitty then give them up when they realize they’re not ready for one. Lots of shelters won’t adopt out bunnies around Easter, because people adopt them for their cuteness, but don’t realize what they’re getting into and it’s just ugh.

        The first interactions are so important. You have to introduce them properly otherwise you’re in for a world of trouble. They’re now no longer even fighting about the window seat, but sharing it. I was going to get another one since they were fighting over it, but now that they’ve made a peace of sorts, I might not have to 🙂

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      30. It’s so funny when you get a cat & you don’t know its back story. I’m sure you come up with some fantastic stories about what might have happened to Cid in his “past life.” Poor baby! All those windowsills messing with him!

        Still, I’m glad they’re getting along! Even if Cid doesn’t quite speak cat, they seem to have found a way to communicate. 🙂

        We’re fostering Pie & Honey right now. The way the foster agency works, apparently, is the cats are in a foster home for 2 weeks & at Petsmart, on display for adoption, for 2 weeks. My sister heard whispers that someone adopted Honey, but she hasn’t received word from the foster agency volunteers on whether or not this is true.

        I really hope she got adopted. She was so timid. I don’t think she left my sister’s room the whole 2 weeks she was here &, when I went to go see her at Petsmart, she was sitting in her litter box. 😥

        On the other hand, Pie is out & about, chasing Loki around &, while he’s also a little timid, generally being much more social than Honey. We don’t know what happened in Honey’s past, but a couple apparently owned Pie for 5 years &, when they broke up, they surrendered him to the shelter!!!!!

        I don’t know if I’m a pet-lover or a people-hater, but I’d be more likely to surrender my boyfriend/girlfriend than my cat!!

        I wish I knew how to share pictures in comments. We’d be swapping so many cat pics!!!!

        I LOVE Maine Coons! They’re such gentle giants. My friend & I went to a cat show a couple of years ago & they had some beautiful Maine Coons (plus Serengeti’s & Sphynxes, & so many other gorgeous breeds). I think it’s so interesting that you mentioned Sphynx cats & Maine Coons – the one would require special care because it has no fur, & the other would probably be a shedding machine! 😀

        From this conversation, I’m pretty sure we have a similar level of cat knowledge. It’s nice to meet someone who’s as (weirdly) knowledgeable about fur babies as I am. 🙂

        I worry about that too. A lot of people get pets for the holidays & then give them back because they didn’t realize how much responsibility it would be, or that the pet would get so big, or that it wouldn’t stay a kitten/puppy forever. It’s really sad.

        It’s the same with black cats around Halloween as it is with bunnies at Easter, but it’s more due to fear that they’ll be harmed. I gotta admit, they do make great conversation pieces. One Halloween, Loki sat in the front window for a couple of hours. A couple of Trick-Or-Treaters thought he was a decoration until he moved! The kids’ squealing was adorable.

        It’s so great that they’re sharing the window seat! That’s prime real estate for them! Also, not having to shell out money for a second one – not to mention installing it & convincing them to use it – is a definite bonus. Seeing cats meet & start to get along is one of the greatest of life’s small pleasures. 🙂

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      31. With Cid he was only around six months when we adopted him! He was so tiny and now he’s such a butterball lol. Princess Garnet is four so her backstory must be more extensive. The SPCA did tell is that she came from a home that had a dog, and for the first few weeks she almost seemed to be looking for one.

        What really amuses me is that again both I and my husband have our “own cat.” Cid likes me more, and Kin-mei liked him more (that traitor lol); now Garnet likes him more! I guess there has to be some balance to the universe.

        I’m hoping we can foster once we have a house somewhere down the line. It’s such an amazing thing you can do and it helps so many animals. I anticipate I’ll have quite a few foster “failures,” but that’s a chance I’m willing to take.

        I kept warning my sister in law about letting her black cat out especially around Halloween. People are terrible. Now that she’s moved she doesn’t, plus the kitty was injured by something she’d been fighting, so she’s completely indoor now. I couldn’t let my cats outside unsupervised. It’s bad for the local ecosystem, too, because cats kill EVERYTHING. Plus of course they can be injured and get diseases.

        I’m so happy they’re getting along now even though she’ll still smack him in the face lol.

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      32. The SPCA didn’t have any other information? I really hope it was something like the pet parents going through some sort of hardship & making the heart-breaking decision to surrender Garnet rather than risk neglecting her. I think, sometimes, pet parents do not so great stuff for good reasons, but, other times, they’re just selfish & give their pets up after realizing their a lifelong commitment. 😥

        It’s so sad when they look around for someone/something that isn’t in the house! Loki has been doing that since Honey got adopted & Pie is still at Petsmart. It has been about a week, & he’s not meowing at my sister’s door while she’s still sleeping anymore, but it was so sad when he looks at me like he’s saying, “Mom, where’s my friend? Why isn’t he here?”

        But, Pie should be coming back tomorrow!! I hope he picked up some confidence while he was there, like Honey did the last time.

        Aww! Your husband must have had some serious heart ache when Kin-mei passed, as “his” cat. I’m quite glad that Garnet has taken a liking to him! Do you think that it has anything to do with the fact that Cid demands your attention & it’s like your husband is sort of an available source of pets/cuddles/lovin’ that doesn’t have Cid hanging all over him? I don’t know if that makes any sense, but it makes sense to me. Y’know, if I think like a cat, anyway. LOL

        I know. Fostering really does make me feel all warm & fuzzy inside, even though I’m not the one technically doing the fostering. We had Honey for about a week while the adopter was doing the paperwork, so we knew she was leaving for a forever home soon. It was very bittersweet – We knew we’d probably never see her again, but we knew that she was going to be someone’s lap warming, perma-kitten.

        The only way to “fail” at fostering, really, is to keep the fosters forever. So, you’d better get a huge house & someone to help with all those litter boxes! LOL

        I’d say you’d end up being a “crazy cat lady,” like myself, but you have your loving husband & that kinda defeats the stereotype. 😀

        Uggggh! I’m sorry, I’m a big ol’ “indoor only” snob. Cats that live outside have such a diminished lifespan without the whole “people are terrible to black cats at Halloween” (TRUTH!) factor. I wouldn’t let my cat outdoors without a harness on, if I had a cat that was inclined to want to go outside. Loki loves sitting near an open window, seeing & smelling everything, but I’m 99.9999999% percent sure he’d have a kitty cat heart attack if he were ever actually outside.

        I’m so glad your sister-in-law keeps her cat indoors all the time now. You’re so right about cats potential for damaging the local ecosystem, I know. Still, their well-being is much more important to me. Mostly because I can’t stand those a**hole squirrels around my house. 😀

        Hey, Princess Garnet is demanding the respect & deference that Cid needs to show a lady of her royal breeding & position. LOL

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      33. They really didn’t. I wonder if they had too many pets or something like that, which is…annoying, but whatever. She’s so skittish though like she gets startled so easily still. It has only been a month and a half so she may need more time to get used to things.

        I wish we could talk to them to explain things. It just makes me so sad ;_;

        And Kin-mei started out as MY cat! Me and my old roommate got him when he was a six week old kitten from another friend and I had him the entire time. He almost went with her and her boyfriend at the time, but then they broke up and she didn’t know what she was doing with living so I ended up taking him. Then I started dating my husband and at first there was some tension, but then he started liking him so yeah…I guess because it was earned, it was even more profound. Garnet is far more likely to let him pick her up than me.

        Oh I’m the same way. Now I know it’s different in other countries like England, but they have a different infrastructure than the US does. There’s more place to actually walk whereas the US Is built more around vehicles, so the chances for getting hit by one is much more likely. Mine sometimes go out on the balcony, but I’m still so paranoid about them possibly jumping off (it’s only a floor up) that I have to check on them. Also we heard that hawks were really bad this year and any animal under 12 lbs could be at risk. I don’t want to have to fight a hawk o.O

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      34. I wonder too when I don’t get any information about a cat. As I said, that’s when I start to make up stories. Like, Garnet was a superhero, living on the streets as an unassuming stray cat. She witnessed some neo-Nazi claiming human rights are only for white men, after which she couldn’t bring herself to continue her battle against overwhelming evil. So, she found a shelter volunteer, cozied up to him/her, & got herself adopted.

        Of course, her previous owners having too many animals just sounds too far-fetched to me! 😀 😉

        You have no idea how much I agree – I wish I could explain all the H— I’m putting Loki through & have him understand. I keep trying to tell him that the pills I’m giving him are to make his stomach feel better, but the look of sheer terror in his eyes breaks my heart. 😥

        Awww. The way you explained how your ex-roommate & her ex-boyfriend didn’t know where they were going to be living makes me feel a little less rageful towards Pie’s previous owners. I guess I never considered that, when they broke up, their lives were turned upside-down & they might not have been able to take him with them. I just thought they were jerks!

        Oh! So, we decided to change Pie’s name to “Roo.” Mostly because “Pie” is a stupid name, unless it’s “Pumpkin Pie” (because he’s an orange tabby). My sister suggested “Roux”/”Rue” (she didn’t tell me how she thought it was spelled), because she thought it was French for “Red.” But, I looked it up & it’s actually “Rouge.” However, when she said she wanted to change his name, I thought she meant “Roo” off-the-bat, which I thought was a really good name because he jumps up on his hind legs when he wants head bonks. So, I think he’s kinda like a “Kangaroo.” LOL

        I think that cats like people who aren’t seeking their attention. I think I remember hearing that cats are more inclined to go to people who don’t look them in the eye (a sign of aggression, maybe) & who allow them to go up to them when the cats feel comfortable. So, maybe that’s why Kin-mei became your husband’s cat?

        Regardless of why, that had to sting. Perhaps your family needs to have two cats to prevent marital discord? 😀

        Yeah, I know a lot of people in England have “gardens” & they often let their cats out. I know it’s a regular practice there, but I still don’t really like it. It’s just too dangerous! Even if there aren’t larger predatory animals, there are still: cars, raccoons (I think?), other cats, diseases, pointy objects, unscrupulous people who might hurt/steal a cat, etc.

        It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your cats on the balcony, even if it’s “only” one floor up! Is it a house or an apartment? I’m sure you could built a really nice “catio” if you were able to do it on that property. Still, I’m sure spending some time on the balcony with your cats on a sunny day is well spent, so maybe keeping an eye on them is more “pleasure” than “chore?”

        I did just spend a few minutes imagining you beating the snot outta a hawk. It was hilarious. LOL 😀

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      35. Bahaha I love that backstory 😀 She’s named after a princess in one of my favorite games, and she acts more like royalty than her namesake tee hee.

        My BFF just moved from north Jersey to south, and she of course had to move her cats. They were hiding under a blanket once she got them to her parents’ place. I feel so bad for the poor babies. They have NO clue what’s going on.

        I really try not to judge people who give up cats because I know situations happen, sometimes people are homeless themselves, which happened to another friend of mine, too. He was couch surfing and we took care of his two kittens for a few months until he had a stable place to live. I know not everyone just abandons a cat because they just don’t want it anymore, and I try to tell myself that.

        Orange cats almost always get saddled with orange names don’t they lol. There’s Marmalade of Cole and Marmalade Fame, Tiger is a popular one, too, and Pumpkin. Kin-mei lucked out in that we were friends with someone who was studying Japanese and when he was a kitten his eyes were more gold so he got “gold eyes” as his name! You know…that makes a lot of sense. I’ve heard that about cats before. How they’ll be more likely to go to people who don’t like them because those people don’t look at the cat or offer them attention, which is actually good behavior to many felines lol. So they’ll think “Hey, this person knows how to be polite. I’ll cozy up to them.”

        Yeah they seem to have a much different culture about it over there, BUT declawing is also illegal there, which is way ahead of the states. I like the idea of cats being able to roam free, and I guess if I were living in England I’d think nothing of it, but I’ve been inundated with the whole “They can get hurt!” and whatnot. I also know their infrastructure is just so much more conducive to walking than the US which just doesn’t believe in ubiquitous pavement. If you live in the suburbs and don’t have a car, you’re really screwed.

        It’s an apartment, and oh yes, I’m WAY too paranoid to let them out alone especially now that I know about the dangerous birds.

        It would be all out war!

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      36. I’m glad you liked it!

        Well, in light of Her Highness’s obviously royal personage, perhaps she was a crime-fighting Princess before finding her way to you! She quickly grew tired of the pomp & circumstance associated with royalty, & the fact that she was told “Princesses should never chase birds or mice” constantly. So, she took to fighting crime at night, while chasing the occasional bird or mouse, & shirked her royal duties. Then, she saw the overwhelming evil that she was protecting & decided to turn her back on both the streets & the royal life.

        But, she never forgot her royal treatment growing up. She has come to expect a certain level of worship. She knows no other way. Even the street worshiped her in its own, dingy way. So, you’d better keep it up! 😉 😀

        OK, I may get carried away with my backstory-telling. It’s an outlet – I gotta use it! LOL

        Aww! Poor babies! It’s hard on us, as humans, who know what’s going on when we move. Plus, moving from North Jersey to South Jersey is like moving to a different planet for humans, so I can’t imagine how traumatizing it would be for kitties. Must be like a different universe! (I’m a NJ born & bred, so I’m allowed to make that comment. LMFAO)

        When I think about what cats must be thinking during stressful or frightening situations, I get so sad. 😥

        Your way of thinking about people who give up cats is very mature & positive. I guess I’m just a pessimistic cynic. No, that’s not true – I KNOW I’m a pessimistic cynic. But, you’ve opened my eyes & I won’t think ill of Roo’s previous owners anymore. The poor dear is still so timid, it breaks my heart.

        He went back to Petsmart today. We’re going to get another foster cat, hopefully, some time this week. The woman who has them in her house currently couldn’t catch them to put them in the carrier today, apparently. From what my sister said, they’re (all) a bit skittish. 😦

        I think black cats have a similar issue – Raven, Poe (which I really want to name my next cat LOL), Panther, Blackie, stuff like that. I’m actually hoping that the original name Roo got was “Pumpkin Pie.” For some reason, “Pie,” sounds stupid to me!

        I’ll admit, when we were considering what to call Roo instead of Pie, I did look for “Orange cat names.” I thought “Hobbes,” like “Calvin & Hobbes,” was awesome, but my sister didn’t go for it. I also thought “Beaker” or “Bunsen Honeydew” from Sesame Street were good names. I guess not! LOL

        Yeah, I think it’s like a dominance thing that cats don’t go up to people who seek their attention actively. They want to come up to people in their own sweet time, but they’re so darned cute that everyone wants to snuggle them immediately. Well, everyone who isn’t an alien. LOL

        NJ made declawing cats illegal recently (last year, I think). So, yay for my peeps. LOL I agree with England. Declawing is a whole bunch B.S., especially if everyone is letting their cats out in the “garden.”

        I don’t think that England is that safe for wandering cats, though. People roll through stop signs all the time around here – it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Or safe. Or smart. They can still get hurt & it still exposes them to diseases & whatnot that can shorten their life spans. 😦

        I think some people would pay good money to see you take on a bird of prey. By “some people,” I mean me. & possibly some of my weirdo friends. The cats might also be impressed, but it’s unlikely. 😀

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      37. Omg I love your Princess Garnet backstories ♥♥♥ She’s definitely royalty

        Oh I didn’t know that about NJ! I just let my BFF know. She’s as much of a cat lover as I am. I’ve lived in PA my entire life lol, so I’ve heard some…less flattering things about NJ, which now that I’m older I realize is REALLY mean. It’s one of the reasons my BFF’s fiance dislikes Philly because damn near everyone from this area makes that joke, and it’s SUCH low hanging fruit, but of course if you’re from that area, it’s fair game lol.

        Hm, I might start selling tickets :p

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      38. I’m so glad you like the backstories! It’s fun to spit-ball silliness. 😀

        There are some good parts of NJ. Plus, the less flattering things, may have some truth to them, but most of them are exaggerated. Except for the Jersey Devil. That’s true. 😀

        I’ve heard all the jokes, I’m sure. But, hit me with whatever you want. It doesn’t bother me. I know what’s right.

        Hey, I love Philly. Great museums, history, phenomenal food! I just don’t talk about hockey with people & I don’t seem to have any problems with Philly peeps. LOL

        My friend’s wedding is in PA in September. Unfortunately, it’s such a big state, I don’t know if it’s any where near you. If you’re near Philly, though, I was about 20 miles from there (Malvern) the end of last year to get Loki’s radiation treatment. The area was so breathtakingly beautiful! Plus, again, great food. I love me some quality food. LOL

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      39. Cape May is gorgeous and such a huge difference from Wildwood like it’s a completely different world. We went there a few years ago for vacation.

        Philly sports fans are kind of notoriously the worst lol. I know exactly where Malvern is lol. It’s like 20 minutes away from where I live now. Where did you go for his treatment?? There’s a doctor I took Kin-mei to see, but she was in West Chester. Dr. Jeglum. She was really good and I’d highly recommend her. The Philly suburbs are pretty awesome. I’m totally a burbs girl. I love trees :p

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      40. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Cape May. If I have, it was so long ago that I don’t remember. I do remember, from a more recent visit than possibly never (like with Cape May lol), that Wildwood is gross! LOL

        Yeah, Philly fans can be, erm, passionate. LOL

        Malvern is sooooo gorgeous! We went to Hope Veterinary Hospital & their CyberKnife facility. CyberKnife’s staff, specifically, was fantastic. They emailed to follow up with us about a half dozen times since his treatments & they even sent us a holiday card, signed by the whole staff! I’m sure they do this with all their patients, but I did bring them a box of Dunkin’ Donuts munchkins on the last day of his treatment. LOL

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      41. I’m so astounded at how different they are and they’re RIGHT next to each other. Wildwood is really icky. Like I’d walk barefoot in Cape May, but in Wildwood I want to wear combat boots lol.

        That’s…one way to put it :p

        The Philly suburbs is why Pennsylvania has “sylvan” in its name lol. There are trees EVERYWHERE. I look out my window and it’s like there’s a huge forest past my complex. Of course this means you’re going through it if you have allergies, and the pollen count is ridiculous right now.

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      42. Yeah, I know what you mean! All the different directions of NJ (Northern, Southern, Eastern, & Western) are like different states, to be fair.

        I wouldn’t walk barefoot on any NJ shore. That’s me, though. shrugs

        I’m trying to be polite. It happens occasionally. LOL

        I’ve been to different parts of Pennsylvania, so I know it has a lot of beautiful woodlands. It’s sorta like parts of NJ, where there are reservations that don’t allow for urbanization or building on them. It’s crazy how you can go from a bustling area to a Wildlife preserve.

        Ughh. I’m sorry you’re dealing with crazy amounts of pollen. I mean, it’s good for the plants. & for breathing in the long run, I suppose. LOL

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      43. I’ve done it before. There are so many shells and bottle caps so I’ve learned my lesson lol. Except Cape May. That place is unbelievably immaculate.

        It’s just all over the cars! I’m not super allergic to it (or I haven’t been sneezing too much unlike poor Cid. Kitty sneezes are ADORABLE), but my black car has this yellowish-green film all the time.

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      44. I’d be more worried about the potential for “medical waste.” BLEEEECCCHHH!

        Oh, I know exactly what you mean. I have to park my car under my neighbors’ tree &, not only does it have copious amounts of bird droppings on it every day, but it turns a lovely shade of “puke” due to the pollen. Honestly, I’m trying to get my landlord to get the neighbors to trim that eyesore. One good gust of wind & a huge branch could fall on my car. A different branch already took out my sister’s taillight (she parks about a car length in front of me) during Hurricane Sandy. 😦

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      45. It was absolutely an act of G-d, unfortunately. That’s why I keep trying to get our landlord in contact with their landlord – I think the tree’s diseased & its branches are weak. In most locations in the U.S., if you tell a person their tree could be diseased, they need to take care of it & their claim of “act of G-d” in future events is harder for them to uphold.

        But, my landlord isn’t as good as the one he just replaced. He still hasn’t sent over someone to fix some electrical outlets that don’t work & he group texted me with the “electrician’s” (he said he was a contractor, not an electrician, but the landlord claimed he only wanted professionals working in the house) phone number. No information, he never told me who the guy was before-hand, just sent me & him each other’s numbers. I contacted him several times to ask him what to do with this random guy’s number & he never responded. rolls eyes

        Then, the guy called me & said he would call after the Memorial Day holiday on Monday & never did call back. I should really call him, but, honestly, I’ve got too much to do right now.

        Long story short (waaaaaaaaaaay too late, I know), the branch only broke my sister’s tail light. I found one on eBay, had a friend install it, & it was all good. But it could’ve been a lot worse.

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      46. Your landlord doesn’t sound very good. We had a not very good landlord. The first apartment we had didn’t have heat or he didn’t turn the heat up enough so it was freezing in the winter. Then we n ever had a phone line and it was this roundabout between the landlord telling us it was up to the phone company and the phone company saying it was the landlord eye roll We never even got a letter saying what he took for our security deposit, which is technically the law. We were so glad to move out.

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      47. It’s so funny that I managed to (finally) get around to answering this comment today. We just had another issue with the landlord this week! Our carbon monoxide detector started beeping every 30 seconds, which, according to the label, means it was time to replace it. After reading that label, which I’ve never seen before, it appears it’s actually a year past due for replacement.

        So, I texted the landlord twice. Then I called him. Both times, I told him, “If we don’t hear from you by Thursday, June 21st, at 2pm, we’re replacing the detector & we’ll deduct it from the rent.” Never heard a darned word from him. It wouldn’t be a big deal, I guess, except for the whole potentially dying bit of the issue!!!

        My friend had her life, her fiancee’s life, & their 2 cats’ lives saved by a functioning carbon monoxide detector. Twice. In one year. Her landlord didn’t give a shi… shiitake mushroom either. 😦

        Actually, the temperature being a certain minimum in winter is also the law (in most states). In your state & mine, I’m pretty sure it has to be at least 60 degrees, maybe even 65 degrees, in the winter. You’re also 100% correct on the security deposit – he’s gotta give you a breakdown of why he’s keeping the money within a certain number of days. You could’ve taken him to court. In some states, if he doesn’t send that letter, you can sue for twice or three-times as much as the security deposit.

        I have nothing better to do than learn about the law. Yet another reason I made sure I sent the landlord texts explaining the situation & what would happen if it wasn’t rectified. But, I’m sure our landlord is an OK guy – he just doesn’t communicate very well. He also seems to like to take his sweet time doing stuff. I’m pretty sure this is his first time being a landlord & he had no idea what he was getting himself into responsibility-wise. * rolls eyes *

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      48. What the actual hell? Yeah that’s something they need to keep on top of. I know we have smoke detectors in every room. They actually updated that because we used to only have one in the little foyer. Now there’s one in every room, so hooray. I don’t think we have carbon monoxide detectors, so I’m hoping that never happens.

        This was back when I was in my 20s, so we had absolutely no idea that we had those rights. Now that I’m old and more informed you’re damn right I’d sue lol.

        You let him know you’d be deducting it from the rent, so if he gives you any beef for doing that, you can indicate that you let him know.

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      49. You don’t have carbon monoxide detectors?!?!?! 😦 😦 😥 You just said that’s something about which we need to be on top!! 😥

        My friend, please get a carbon monoxide detector. Two if your apartment/house is pretty large. My friend had her oven fail twice in fewer than two years. Had it not been for her carbon monoxide detector, she, her fiancee, & her two cats would have died in minutes. I’d hate to never know if that happened to you & your loved ones.

        You’re hardly old! But, I’m really glad you know your rights now. Too often, I think, renters just assume their landlords/landladies have all the power & it would be foolish to fight them.

        Oh, no worries! I watch too much “court reality TV” to be healthy for a single person, plus I wrote content for lawyers. That means I learned the most important element in the law is what’s in writing, that emails & text messages now count as “in writing,” & I’ve read (& translated into “average human”) a lot of law.

        I sent him text messages that said:

        “Hey Mr. [insert landlord’s last name], this is Ariel [insert last name] at [insert address & floor]. We need a new carbon monoxide detector. We can’t use the old one because it beeps every 30 seconds. If you want us to buy one & deduct it from the rent, or if you want to buy it yourself, please let us know ASAP. We don’t want to risk getting sick – or worse! Thanks, Ariel”

        Then, after not hearing from him in over 24 hours, I sent this: “Hey Mr. [insert landlord’s last name, my full name, & address again]. We’re going to buy a new carbon monoxide detector & deduct the cost from the rent if we don’t hear from you by tomorrow at 2pm.”

        Then, I tried calling him around 1pm on the cut-off date. Nothing, nada, no response whatsoever.

        So, I gave Dad the receipt for the carbon monoxide detector & told him to photocopy it, write a note in with the rent check, & ship it off to him. I wonder if we’ll ever hear from him. :-/

        Overkill? Probably. I’d rather kill people with information than have a misunderstanding. Maybe that’s why all my communications are way too long! 😀

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      50. I should probably check and see if the detectors we have ARE those. They put one in each room a few years ago and it might have been because they were adding CD detectors. I could make a call to the leasing office to find out. It’s one of those things you don’t think about, but they’re so inexpensive especially when you consider what they can save.

        Killing people with information is better than them dying from the lack of it!

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      51. I know it was only a typo & you meant to put “CM” detectors, it made me laugh. That’s probably because I always have to take a minute before I talk about carbon monoxide where I think to myself, “Which is the bad one – dioxide or monoxide?”

        Sort of like it takes me a split second to remember which way is left & which way is right. I’m a bit special like that, I guess! LOL

        Also, yes, you absolutely need to check with the leasing office about whether or not you have CM detectors! Are you renting? Because you know, if you are, they have to provide those to you, legally.

        In fact, in most places, they have to change the batteries & test them periodically too, I think. Or maybe our old superintendent just did that because he wanted us to be safe. GOSH, I miss that man! He even offered to come up & help us with anything we need around the house after the new landlord fired him.

        Basically, as bad as our landlord is now, that’s how good we had it with our old landlady’s superintendent. 😥

        OMG – I love that last sentence so much! Did you come up with it? It’s absolutely brilliant!

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      52. I’m terrible with direction, too lol. It’s so much better if people point. If someone says “left” or “right,” i have to look at my hands and even then remember. I’m horrible with it.

        We’re renting! I just need to remember to ask :p They do come in and test what we have, but they could just be smoke detectors.

        I did!

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      53. It seems that problem is much more common than I thought! I was talking to my friend at her wedding makeup trial & I gave her a tip to quickly figuring out which ways is left from right – it seems she hadn’t thought of it herself. Or, if she had, she didn’t tell me & said it was a good idea.

        When I have to quickly tell my left from right, I think of the hand with which I write. It only takes my brain a second to recognize I’m right-handed (even though it takes a moment to identify “right” when receiving directions). So, if I need to turn left, it’s not the direction towards the hand with which I write.

        It sounds a lot simpler than I’m making it out to sound, I’m sure. LOL

        OMG, please, please, ask! Ask now. Call them. Well, call them tomorrow. But CALL THEMMMMMM!

        That’s a great sentence. I’m absolutely going to steal it – well, I’ll use it & then, when people comment on its brilliance, tell them from where I got it. 🙂

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      54. I used the “writing/dominant” hand trick, too lol, but it still takes me a second and I’ll STILL get it wrong in terms of driving, which should be easier since making a right is usually so much easier than making a left. I’m glad it’s more common, because it’s not just me. It might also be a cultural thing since there are societies that don’t even have concepts of left/right, but use cardinal directions for all things. I think it’s because we really don’t need to know direction to survive in the modern world, so that sense can kind of deteriorate since it isn’t all that necessary. We usually go to familiar places and if we don’t, we have technology to get us there. I bet people were better with left/right before MapQuest and the like when you had to use an actual map, but since we don’t need to do so anymore, it’s not really being taught.

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      55. Yeah, I’m working on some chainmaille right now & the rings have to be either right over left, or left over right. I’m getting confused a lot. LOL

        I’m also glad to hear it’s more common than I realized. I thought it was just me!

        Well, in NJ it’s kinda important to know cardinal directions. Our highways tend to go North, South, West, or East. But, most of the time you ask someone which way they’re going, they probably wouldn’t know. I know I wouldn’t!

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    1. Thank you so much! It meant a lot to see that comment, then I read your blog & it meant so much more coming from you! You’re a fantastic writer, & you give some really great advice.

      I’m pretty sure you could add another tip to any of your blog advice posts – don’t make commenters wait 6 days for a reply! I’m sorry I wasn’t quicker in responding. Still, it was great to see your comment & have it as an opportunity to check out your blog. 🙂


  2. I’m so late in replying, but your writing is poetic, and true. I, too, felt like 2017 sucked a lot, but for different reasons – Mainly changes in my work environment. My long-time direct supervisor / department manager (We worked together for nearly five years) left us for another company in April. I don’t blame him for that at all, but it was the way our company handled it. Basically, he gave six weeks’ notice in order to properly transition our team, and work on finding his replacement, which was awesome. However, the Vice President over our department only let him stay for TWO DAYS because he was leaving us for a “competing” health system. It was devastating! We worked as a team of three for a while, and then we hired an internal candidate, who started with us in July. He’s been good, overall, but things just haven’t been the same. But, I did receive word that I earned my paralegal certificates in December, so I’ve updated my resume and started searching for paralegal / legal assistant positions closer to my house. Still working out the administrative kinks regarding my paralegal degree, but that’s one small step at a time. It’s a day-by-day process. Love and hugs!

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    1. Hey! Don’t feel bad about taking a while to respond! I’m so glad that you read this post & that you commented, regardless of however long it took you to do it. It really means a lot to me. 🙂

      Besides, it obviously takes me forever to reply back to comments here, so I’m probably the last person to judge. 😀

      Thank you for your saying my writing is poetic! The repetition just sort of came to me while I was writing; it wasn’t intended. Still, I do like how it turned out. Well, I like it except for the length. I can’t seem to do any piece of writing that’s reasonably short! 😀

      So, wait, your department manager gave notice &, when the VP realized he was going to “the competition,” he made your department manager leave sooner? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!! It left your department without a manager &, when you did get one, he didn’t have the guidance of the previous employee. I’m sure there’s a lot your former manager could have told him that he had to learn – slowly – on his own.

      I’m glad that it’s starting to work out for you & your department. Any change would require an adjustment period, clearly. I wish they’d have let your former manager stay on. I’m sure that abrupt change didn’t help the transition!

      I hope they treat you better if you look for employment elsewhere.


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