I’m a fan of Samantha Bee’s show, Full Frontal.  While I’d prefer more representation than poor Ashley, I think the show did a good take on some Black History subjects.  Their “Racist Roadshow,” in the second link below, was more enlightening & disheartening than funny, but it told me some stuff I really should have learned before now!

Enjoy!  I promise I’ll have another mile-long novel of a post for you all soon(ish).


5 thoughts on “Full Frontal’s Take On Black History Month

  1. I freaking love Full Frontal. Also holy bleep…the first video was awe inspiring if maddeningly disappointing in the UN (though unsurprising); the second, just wow. I knew about the gloves and faces for cartoon characters, but I had no idea the entire concept behind them was based on minstrel shows. That’s just…I don’t have any words. And the ice cream truck?? I really shouldn’t be surprised at old songs being racist anymore, but it’s just so appalling D:

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    1. I love Full Frontal too! It only took us around 70 years to get a female late night talk show host, 3 years after we got an African-American host (I really want to read Trevor Noah’s autobiography, which I just found out is going to be made into a movie with Lupita Nyong’o as Noah’s mother!!). How long do you think it’ll be until we get an African-American woman for a host?

      I’m thinking Wanda Sykes or Niecy Nash. Who do you think would be the best?

      I had no idea about John Robinson, the ice cream truck song, nor that cartoonists based their animations on minstrel shows. I’m sure I missed a few other aspects of Full Frontal’s Black History Month about which I had no idea.

      I know we probably weren’t capable of understanding most of them, but I think our schools should have taught us about John Robinson! So many great figures were left out of our education. 😦

      It’s the fact that someone took an existing song, made it racist, & chose to use it for calling kids to chase a truck down the street that makes me go, “HUH?!!?” I always hated that song before I knew its origin, but now I really can’t stand it.

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