Hump Day Special: Giveaway Competition

Things Carla Loves

You Know You Want It.

In a paperback version.

That you could win.

No catches, strings, anything.

It doesn’t come with, “Enter this competition and then leave a nice review because you won a book”, because you are allowed to hate it.

You are allowed to rip it up or give it away.

You are allowed to roast it on Goodreads if you think it’s really terrible. (On the other hand, if you like it, feel free to leave a positive review! Major shout out to B from Getting Through Anxiety for not only being an awesome friend, but for consistently using her platform to help promote and encourage my work. Despite the fact that my health and other problems have gotten in the way of our normal communication, B has never once wavered in her support, and her support of my work has never come with strings. I just…

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