Ohio goes in Reverse

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Coalition of the Brave

One of the recent news stories to come out of the US is the one about Republicans and the religious right putting their contempt for women out there for all to see, virtually abandoning their pretence that this is about life. The ‘pro-life’ movement has never been pro-life, only anti-choice, because giving women sovereignty over their own bodies is a dangerous move that would leave a lot of those on the religious right without power.

From this article

In the stampede to ban abortion, Republican politicians don’t always bother to keep up the pretense that their opposition to abortion is about “life.” All to often, they let slip how much it’s rooted in contempt for women having control over their own bodies and their own futures.

Last week, the Ohio state house passed a bill that would ban abortions at six weeks. That would effectively a ban on most abortions, 

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