#WhyIDidn’tReport: No, Victims Don’t Owe You Their Story

Things Carla Loves

I think one of the most common themes among the whole Kavanaugh fiasco is that people believe that rape victims owe their story to someone.

There’s people who seem to believe that it’s only rape if you immediately go to hospital and immediately report a rape case, without taking into consideration the fact that it’s a fucking trauma and, you know, people react to trauma in shocking ways.

It’s like there’s a word that happens to people who are particularly shocked after a particularly horrific trauma.

I think it’s a pesky, confusing medical term like shock, or something.

Don’t worry, it’s not like people die from shock or something.

Image result for house dying quotes gifsPretty much how people view rape victims (though I love Maggie Smith!) PC: Refinery29

But I’ve talked about that, at least in part. I’ve tried to give you the facts about what happens after a rape, even though the people…

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