Discussion: A Spark of Light & Women’s Reproductive Rights

Some brilliant thoughts & great questions posed to those who claim to be “pro-life” & not “anti-abortion.”


Let me start by saying that I fully expect that the opinions left on this article will differ. Differ from my own and from some of my friends. That is okay and I encourage it. This is a place to respectfully state your opinion and tell why you believe what you believe. If I see anyone making inappropriate remarks, dishing out personal attacks and acting like a child I will block you. You’ve been warned.

One of the many reasons that I love Jodi Picoult is because she tackles topics that many people try to avoid talking about even though they are unavoidable. I always learn something from her and am always able to use her writing to spark a conversation. I also really respect the amount of research that she does for her books because it proves that authors really can cover any topic properly. Today I will…

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2 thoughts on “Discussion: A Spark of Light & Women’s Reproductive Rights”

    1. & let the congregation say, “Amen!” 😄

      I’m all for people having kids if they want kids, or if they’re personally against termination. But, mostly I’m for everyone minding their own darned business.

      I hope you & Al have kids one day. ❤


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