Discussion: Periods

Rae at Bookmark Chronicles was brave enough to discuss her first menstruation in her post. We really do need to discuss female anatomy & biological functions without shame, code words, or covering the ears of impressionable youth.

So, to put my money where my mouth is, I’m going to share the story of my first period. I’m not talking about school, either.

I got my period when I was around 13. This was a year after my mother died, & around the time of my Bat Mitzvah. Mom knew she was dying & she was a biology teacher, so she gave me a quick run-down of what was going to start happening soon. Honestly, I wish my parents had felt comfortable enough discussing this topic with me from a younger age, giving me some time to prepare.

Heck, they bought me a book, obviously geared towards kids, explaining where babies come from that I had from before I can remember. It would seem that a similar book on menstruation would be a no-brainer.

If that book doesn’t exist yet, it needs to. Someone write it.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate in that I didn’t have excruciating cramps, headaches, or other issues before, during, or after my period. I’ve been on hormonal birth control since I was around 17, not because I was always sexually active, but because it’s helpful as heck to know when my period’s coming. Underwear is expensive, people.

Seriously people – if you’ve talked about your flatulence, or your bowel movements without batting an eye, you can do the same with menstruation, even if it doesn’t affect you personally. That brings me to the next point I think is important: people of both genders (but, yeah, I’ll say mostly men) need to be more familiar with female anatomy. The number of people who think women urinate out of their vagina, or can hold in menstrual blood like holding in urine, is astounding. 🙄


If you cringed or made a face while reading the title then you need to stick around until the end because you need to hear this more than anyone.

Let’s get to it.

Lady time, Aunt Flow, mensies, your special visitor, that “Time of the Month” whatever you call it, today we’re going to talk about it.

Men – yeah I’m coming for you first. If you are a straight man who is sexually active then you have no right to say that you are “grossed out” by periods. I’ll be blunt: if a vagina isn’t “gross” to you when you’re sticking your dick in it, then it’s not any other time either. Seriously, grow up.

This especially applies if you have children. If you’ve got boys, then you need to raise them so they understand periods not be afraid of them, so that they don’t become one of those…

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