Cries For Help

Empathy on the Internet. What a novel, heart-warming idea. I try to follow the simple guideline that there’s a human being on the other side of those faceless words.

We must remember this; we must remember our humanity. ❤

The Patchwork Diaries

Nothing irritates me so much as those who belittle and dismiss others in genuine need of help. Yes, I’m aware that there ARE those people out there who feed off of the attention of others. Those who purposely cause drama in their lives to feel loved and special and are incapable of coping without it. Attention seeking behavior is VASTLY different from those genuinely seeking help, or simply expressing their feelings and emotions.

Those who are merely seeking attention will be combative when valid solutions to their complaints are presented, coming up with a million reasons why they “must” continue to suffer and each time a complaint is raised it will be much more dramatic. It’s painfully obvious who is truly just attention seeking and who is genuinely seeking advice. The problem is how any expression of an emotion has become a perceived cry for attention.

The human body reacts…

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