Broken Shards of a Shattered Dream: What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger Vol #4

Listening to yourself is so important, I can’t put it into words. Lucky for me, Carla can.

Things Carla Loves

For the first part of my Mindful Journey, I focused a lot on how my body was constantly telling me that it was sick, that something was seriously wrong, even if I didn’t know what or why (or any understanding of how serious it could be).

But what about people who aren’t

Well, I want to fast forward a
few months.

I don’t want to talk about returning to teaching, and the obvious changes in K’s behaviour. I’ve mentioned it before here, in pretty extensive detail, to highlight just how painful friendship breakups can be, and I’ve deliberately made sure there’s been plenty of references in my other posts, because I don’t want to focus on what happened then. I want to start focusing on more of the mindfulness stuff, and how it can be helpful

Instead, I’m going to include a message…

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