#ButDon’tYouWantToGetBetter: 5 Ways Depression Is Worse Than You Think

So true. 😥

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It’s a term many use lightly. Too lightly.  

But for those that suffer from depression, it’s an all-too-real horrific alter-reality that forces you to question your world, yourself, and everyone else around you. 

However, that’s the obvious. That’s what you expect someone who suffers from depression would say. 

Here are five things that make depression worse than you could possibly imagine. 

5) You Can’t Always Tell People What’s Wrong … And What’s Worse, Sometimes You Look ‘Fine’ 

More often than not, when you are going through a depressive episode you yourself can’t always pinpoint why you are depressed or what triggered such a dramatic relapse or that particular depressive episode.  

Sometimes, for me, I see or hear something that triggers an episode. Sometimes the episode lasts only for a few days – with medication and therapy, depression no longer seems as endless and consuming as it…

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