#ButDon’tYouWantToGetBetter: Women, Doctors, and the Lack of Diagnosis

Took me over 4 years to get a fibromyalgia diagnosis. 5 years is the average diagnosis time, as 80% of the patients are female.

Don’t let a doctor disregard your pain – especially if you’re female. We know our bodies, we know when something’s wrong, take that s— to another doctor (& another, & another) until someone listens to you.

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I wrote recently about how it felt to not be believed by someone in regards to my Chronic Fatigue. 

However, as painful as it is to hear the words, I don’t believe you” from someone you love – or statements that imply something similar that those with invisible illnesses have heard in all varieties – it’s far more painful to hear these words implied by the people we depend on most: doctors. 

I’ve read more times than I can count that doctors are more likely to dismiss women; women are less likely to receive treatment; are less likely to be believed and often have to fight to be heard. 

From my own personal experiences, this is most certainly the case. 

When I was a teen, my parents and I had to fight – constantly – with my doctor over whether my period pain was normal or something more sinister. 

My doctor…

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