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This hit me right in the feels. I wish I had memories of my Mom like she shares here. This post comes as I’m approaching the 23rd anniversary of my Mom’s death on March 3rd.

I wish I could reach out to T. Tell her it’ll all be OK.

But, like she said – “Life is about learning to surf the waves on your beach.” & the waves never stop coming. 😭 ❤️

Taylor's Place

In the last year, my life has shifted in so many ways and I’ve taken to writing to help sort through all the emotions. These days I’m trying to write more often than not – some days the task is easier to do than other days but I’m getting there.

I began journalling as an outlet for all the things I needed to communicate to my mom and no longer could. One of the most difficult things for me throughout this whole ordeal has been the loss of communication with her. I feel like, for the most part, I can deal with not seeing her everyday because I’ve lived apart from her before, when I went to college, and leading up to her getting sick, I split my time between our home and my boyfriend’s house. So not seeing her anymore is something I am able to come to better…

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