The Difference Between Equality and Equity

This explains why, to reach equality, we have to make some things seem “unfair” – it only seems unfair because it’s taking away privileges that favor a certain group over another. It’s called “equity.” Carla explains it brilliantly!

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When discussing social justice and human rights issues, more often than not we use the term “equality”. As humans, we are desperate for things to be equal, and we have every right to have that desperation. 

It’s only human to want what others have, to be treated the same, to want to be treated equally. 

And let’s face it; most of us are not, in fact, equal. 

There are millions of different things that determine our “worth” to society, our privilege, and how we’ll be treated as a result. 

You’re probably all tired of the straight, white cis men as an example, so I’ll give a different one about how, on the seemingly same platform, people that look the same can be treated different (however, this is just an example of how equality fits in, not an explanation as to why equity is essential in regards to achieving equality). 

For example, take two white single mums. 

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