White Authors and Characters of Color

This is a great post about white authors creating characters who are people of color.


While I am specifically using this post as a piece for my Black History Month collection, please keep in mind that the overarching theme can be applied for all marginalized groups.

The inspiration for this article came from reading two separate posts about this topic, both written by white bloggers.

The first was a white man who wanted to include diverse characters in his stories, not only because he wanted to provide that representation, but because he wanted to make sure that as an ally he was doing it right. I very much appreciated that post.

The second was from a white woman who basically said that POC (and other minoritized groups) were sometimes “too sensitive” about the things that authors said…. So basically she believed that just because she personally didn’t find something offensive, then it wasn’t a big deal.

First, in my opinion, it is not a bad…

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