#ButDon’tWantYouGetBetter: So, As A Neurotypical Person, What Does Depression Feel Like?

Such truth, I can’t even express it.

In addition, perfect timing as this video popped up in my email at the moment I was reading this post – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Knla3cQKGhA&feature=em-uploademail

Watch the video. Read the post.

Things Carla Loves

I’m not entirely sure if it’s possible to put what depression feels like into words for someone who is neurotypical, and has never experienced depression before.

It’d be easy to say that depression is you experiencing the worst day you’ve ever had of your entire life, but over and over and over again, like a fucked up version of Groundhog Day. Something a lot more like Happy Death Day.

Image result for happy death day gif

Before everything happened, I had some bad days.

In high school, I even thought I had depression for a bit. (I didn’t. I was just a super hormonal teenager because I had endometriosis, so I felt things differently, and I’d get a period twice a month for about eighteen months before my first surgery. While my hormones increased after taking the pill – I remember screaming at my poor brother more times than I can count – eventually, everything settled down…

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