So, You Want To Be A Writer: Tips, Tricks & Ideas Vol #5

Another tip from Uncle, who has been a copywriter for years (& got me into the field after I graduated college): The average Internet reader has a 5th-grade vocabulary.

Sometimes (& this is something I struggle with a lot), we have to put down the Thesaurus & keep our stuff simple.

Obviously, this applies more to instructional posts & other non-creative writing.

Things Carla Loves

So, you have both your professional and personal goals, as well as deciding on what theme(s) you want to write, and how you’re planning to write, as well as how frequently.

Now you have to seriously consider who you’re writing for and why.

For example, my posts are not really PG-13 friendly, and I write about a wide range of topics that are often NSFW or have heavy trigger and content warnings.

Tip #5: Consider Your Audience

  • Who is the audience for this topic? Teens? Adults? Everyone? People with a specific interest in cars or some random, specific shit? For example, I cover a wide range of topics. While half the shit I write probably isn’t safe for work, or tiny humans, it’s also fairly broad.
  • Will I be able to cater for this particular audience and produce content for them in the way they will relate to? (Also consider…

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