#ButDon’tYouWantToGetBetter: But What About Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Selma Blair and et al?

Even I struggle with knowing I have the same disorder as Lady Gaga, yet can’t accomplish 1/1000th of what she probably does in a day.

Don’t compare yourselves – or your loved ones – to famous people with the same medical/health issues. Far more people suffer with these problems than courageously rise above them into stardom, just like more people are “Average Janes” than “Superstars.”

Things Carla Loves

One of the hardest things about being chronically ill is that you’re constantly being compared to someone else’s ability, who has the same or similar condition to you.

The judgement of what we “should” be able to do isn’t just enforced on us by others; it’s also enforced by ourselves.

Like I’ve said previously, I have three auto-immune disorders.

After contracting meningitis and encephalitis, permanent damage was left on my body, which allowed reasonably dormant conditions to flare up – or at least, that’s what my fifth sleep specialist told me (he was also critical in finally diagnosing me properly).

As a result of one of my conditions, I do not always have full and proper function of my body. I know I’ve mentioned before that I suffer from both cataplexy and sleep paralysis.

I remember one night, waking up like I do when I’m suffering a sleep paralysis-related…

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