Where’s the F/F Romance??


You ever notice the lack of f/f romance out there?

The yesterday, while perusing the aisles at Barnes & Noble, my friend Bria and I started talking about how m/m romances seem to be more common than f/f.

In my experience at least, these are the common scenarios:

  1. The book contains f/f romance but it’s not mentioned in the synopsis. It’s treated like a spoiler where as a synopsis with m/m displays it loud and proud.
  2. Even if the synopsis does mention the romance, book reviewers, don’t mention it in their reviews. Most bloggers/booktubers that I follow are women so again, why is it being treated like a spoiler??
  3. The main character is a bisexual or pansexual woman, but is only ever mentioned dating a dude.

Luckily, one of the bookkeepers at B&N overheard us and offered to help. They literally brought us about 15 books containing f/f romance! Even…

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