#UnsolvedAThon Book Recommendations!

Want to do the #UnsolvedAThon, but aren’t sure where to start? They’ve got some great recommendations!! (My TBR just keeps growing lol)


Hi all!!

I’m hoping you’re all as excited about my Buzzfeed Unsolved inspired readathon as I am!

Check out the announcement post here!

If you’re a little nervous about choosing books to read for the challenges — as there are some tricky challenges — never fear! I have a list of recommended reads for you to peruse.

Like I mentioned in the announcement post, so long as the book you choose somehow fits the parameters of the reading prompt (also known as the clue) — even loosely — you can read it! Trust me, I’m not going to be commenting on your blog posts with “Um, tHis bOoK Doesn’T fIT!!” You can read anything you want: novel, audiobook, eBook, graphic novel, comic, short story — anything!

I tried to give book recommendations for a whole host of readers, from the YA book reader, to the Adult fiction reader, to…

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