Broken Shards of a Shattered Dream: And Soon Enough You’re Best Friends Vol #10

Things Carla Loves

I’m an incredibly sensitive person – something that is frequently highlighted by my PTSD and anxiety disorder – but I’ve always been like that. I’d be lying if I masqueraded around pretending like I never used to over-analyse, dissect, and pour over everything I’ve ever said or done, or everything that’s ever been said or done to me.

Seriously – it’s one of my biggest flaws. I don’t always have the ability to let things go when I should (though am working on it), and if there’s anything open to misinterpretation, you can bet your ass I’ve already worked out the million different parables that mean what you could have meant when you asked me to pass the butter.

Each Wednesday, I’m constantly preaching about how practicing mindfulness has been helping me, and I’ve used mindfulness at times to show how it should have worked in the past, or could…

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