You Don’t Have to Be Positive to Be Strong

So true! I think, sometimes, telling someone “You’re so strong” can affect them negatively. I know I don’t like to come to people sometimes because they’ve told me how strong I am & I don’t want to disabuse them of this image.

The therapist (on Instagram) Taylor recommends looks – & sounds – pretty good! I’m not much of an Instagrammer, so I didn’t look at it very closely. If you do, let me know what you think!

Taylor's Place

There’s a page on Instagram that I follow that belongs to a therapist – her handle is @lisaoliveratherapy – and she is awesome. She’s truly #TherapistGoals! If you don’t already follow her, I recommend you check her out she has something for everybody on there. Anywho, the other day she posted about strength and positivity and it really put some things in perspective for me. The photo read “Your strength is not determined by how positive you are. Your strength is determined by how much space you hold for ALL parts of you.” In her caption she went on to dissect that quote and explain in depth how it applies to life. The first line of the caption read “There is a myth that positivity is strength.” This post really spoke to me especially in my current situation and I’m here to debunk that myth!

I felt the need to…

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