So, You Want To Be A Writer: Tips, Tricks & Ideas Vol #8

I rarely review my insights. I try sometimes, but mostly to find out what time to post.

Do you have any thoughts on time, date, or subjects that seem to do better than others? I’d love to hear them!

Things Carla Loves


I haven’t actually had anyone complain about needing more followers since my first (now-deleted) blog, The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise.

That may be because if you’re obtuse enough to whine to me about something like likes or follows – especially if it’s coming from a point of extreme vanity, and has no focus whatsoever on your writing (I’m making a clear distinction here because my point is on insights and how to use them to your advantage) – I’m going to tell you to fuck off.

And please don’t call me out on my language only when I’m disagreeing with you.

I swear all the fucking time, you pumpkin fuckers. So if it’s a problem, call me out when I’m not pissing you off.

Related image

Which is basically never, but whatever Karen.

However, I do know from Rae at Bookmark Chronicles that some people get really obsessive with likes, views…

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