Ask Carla: What Is Gaslighting?

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Every Tuesday, I answer questions usually surrounded by themes (domestic violence, friendship break ups, sexual assault). However, sometimes questions go beyond that, and therefore I’ll be creating a mini, more spontaneous “Ask Carla” Tuesday posts. Please feel free to ask any questions you’d like answered/topics you’d like discussed!

Gaslighting is like the new buzz word.

You hear it everywhere now.

Mike, from Australia’s just-finished season of Married at First Sight, was a master gaslighter. If you want examples, YouTube or Google it. There’ll be hundreds.

But what is it?

And does it only happen in romantic relationships?

Gaslighting is something that happens slowly in a relationship (of any kind of friend, family member, lover, etc). It’s designed to happen slowly so you, the victim, doubt yourself more and more because you are literally unsure of what is happening (Stern, 2015).

This doesn’t revolve around just romantic relationships.

For example, my

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