Audrie, Daisy & Rape Culture

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Audrie & Daisy is an amazing Netflix documentary that follows, in particular, two teenagers who were sexually assaulted and raped (among other brave young women who also shared their stories).

If you haven’t watched the documentary, you need to do so immediately.

It’s similar to The Hunting Ground, and perhaps even more moving.

Unfortunately, Audrie’s story is presented via third person (mainly her parents), because she committed suicide soon after she was raped.

She was raped whilst unconscious, and the boys responsible took photos and shared them everywhere.

Audrie, like with most sexual assault and rape cases, was blamed.

She was the slut who should have known better.

It was too much for her; and she chose to end her life as a result.

However, whilst Daisy also attempted to take her life, she was unsuccessful and therefore able to share her story.

Daisy tells the story of her…

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