So You Want To Be A Writer: Tips, Tricks & Ideas Vol #11

Things Carla Loves

tip 11

This one’s so simple, so easy, but it’s something that we tend to overlook.

Read books, magazines, graphic novels.

Read novels you wouldn’t normally like.


Because you need to see what you don’t like, and why.

Read novels that are cheap, easy, “popcorn”. They’re easy, but still immersive. Just because a book’s popcorn doesn’t mean the popcorn’s bad. Everyone gets popcorn when they go to the cinemas, so what are you waiting for?

Read novels that are a little more advanced than you’d normally read. Seriously. Even if it’s just one, or you decide to pick something that’s considered a ‘classic’ like Moby Dick, because you’ll learn something.

Even if it’s that you still have no idea why the captain was soooo obsessed with a fucking fish, and you’re hoping there’s something magical about a book everyone talks about.

But most importantly, read the books/graphic novels that you love.

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