Present for Mother’s Day

For anyone who doesn’t have access to calendars, doesn’t hear radio/TV ads, doesn’t visit retail stores, nor doesn’t have ads on their computer, this Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Typically, it’s celebrated with breakfast in bed, flowers, &/or chocolate. 

Sometimes, people celebrate it by taking the kids out & giving Mom a couple of hours to herself.  I believe it was Wanda from the comic “Baby Blues” who said, “Mother’s Day: A day when we celebrate Moms by treating them like Dads.”

As far as I can understand, this holiday exists to remind us to show our mothers – & the women in our lives – how much we appreciate them.  Or, maybe Hallmark® & Hershey® needed more money after Easter & Valentine’s Day.

I’m sure many people see this day as a box to check off their “to-do” list.  They go to® & place an order.  They go to CVS or Walgreens or the local super center & grab a box of chocolate, a card, & their toilet paper all in one go.

The day to show our Moms how much we love them & thank them for the countless sacrifices they made for us, relegated to just another chore.

Think about it – does your Mom really want flowers or breakfast in bed?  Or does she want to spend time with you? 

Does she want you, any siblings, & any partners (with the assumption & on the condition that you can all stand each other) around a table, enjoying a meal (preferably one she doesn’t have to cook), laughing until your sides ache & your cheeks hurt?  Does she want a stroll through the park recounting memories, good & bad?

I lost my Mom before I hit puberty.  It has been more years since she died – almost double – than the time I had with her.  Both Grandmothers & my Aunt (the only girl among my Dad’s four siblings) have all passed in the intervening 20+ years.

My family is lacking the strong, generous, smart, & funny-as-all-get-out women it had once.

Of course I want more time with these women.  My Mom, my Mom’s Mom, my Dad’s Mom, & my Aunt, who was no one’s Mom.  I’d cut off a limb for dinner with any or all of them.  But that’s not possible.

What I’m saying is, if it’s possible, give the women who are important to you a gift this Sunday – your presence.

Can’t do it person?  Skype is pretty neat!

Can’t teach Grandma how to download & use Skype?  There’s this great new inventions called the telephone.  Some people say it’s just a fad, but I think it’s the bee’s knees, the dog’s pajamas, & the sloth’s mossy butt.

Even if you’re like me & lack access to your Mom without a Ouija board, or have a complicated relationship with her & you know that talking to her isn’t good for your soul, consider writing a letter.  You don’t have to send it – postage to the afterlife is ridiculous anyway – but you can relive your memories & grapple with your feelings.

This Sunday is about honoring the Mothers in our lives.  But, feel free to extend it past the women who bore us or raised us. 

Write a Facebook message to your high school best friend’s Mom who let you stay the night when your parents were being “sooooooo unfair!” 

Set up a dinner date with your friend with kids, or the one who treats her pets like family.

Then, do it all again on Monday.  Or Wednesday.  Or the next Saturday after the full moon.  Don’t wait until next year to share the gift of your loved ones’ presence.

Also, bring some of that chocolate when it’s discounted after Mother’s Day is over.  Because… why not?

3 thoughts on “Present for Mother’s Day

    • It’s really not so much any more. That’s why I wrote this – I may not have anyone to physically spend time with, but it does make me recognize the more distant female role models I still have.

      I guess it’s bittersweet. I don’t have a Mom with whom to spend time, but it gives me a different perspective. Maybe no one reads this, or they do & still follow the traditional “card & flowers” route. But, if someone spends time making & sharing memories with someone they love, I will have done a Mitzvah (good deed) – whether I know about it or not.

      Thank you, as always, for caring. ❤

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