5 Simple Things Restaurants Can Do to Be More Accessible to Fat People

While I don’t normally curse in my own posts, I think the Fluffy Kitten’s cusses are beyond reasonable!

Fluffy Kitten Party

I’ve been thinking a lot about accessibility lately. And it seems like the restaurant world is, too: The Washington City Paper recently published a great, long-form piece by Laura Hayes about the lack of accessibility in D.C.’s restaurants. Today, Washington Post restaurant critic Tom Sietsma announced that he will start including accessibility information in his reviews, after years of being asked about it by his readers. Including information like this in restaurant reviews is important: critics like Sietsma can make or break restaurants, they send business to restaurants’ doors, help fill their tables, and can take their brand to new heights (or severely tarnish it). When a critic slams a particular dish, or a negative review is published, restaurant owners often scramble to make amends and right their wrongs. Food critics wield considerable power. And when they make an effort to call out the ways an establishment is

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