She’s A Bitch

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When I was younger, I didn’t really understand what feminism was, or what it stood for. However, through inspirational women, inspirational teachers and influential readings, it became quite clear to me early on that I was a feminist. I think, when I was younger, I thought that feminism meant I couldn’t shave my legs or underarms, dress like a girl, and needed to ‘burn my bra’ and, with those negative stereotypes in mind, I couldn’t support that.

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Later, of course, I learnt that they were just negative (and misguided) stereotypes of feminism, often portrayed by sexist and misogynistic men (and women who, like me at the time, didn’t know better). I learnt, instead, that feminism wasn’t just about women’s rights, but men’s, too. I learnt that while things weren’t even close to being equal for women, in many ways, men were in the same boat. I learnt that feminism was…

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