Isn’t That How Equality Works?

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In relation to yesterday’s ranty post, this picture was also posted in response to my comment (reason? I’m not sure. A lot of things were posted in response to my comment about feminism. If you missed yesterday’s post, you can find it here: She’s A Bitch).

Image result for psa feminism consent josie

This picture, in particular, really bugged me. In fact, it infuriated me. I didn’t respond to the commenter because, well, trolls. And I figured he’d be too obtuse to get it … and I’d be giving him the exact reaction he wanted.

To me, this picture’s comment does have a point – one that I’ve mentioned many times before – that men can be sexually assaulted.

However, let’s be fair and realistic; it’s not that common for a woman to get a man drunk (and/or spike his drink) with the sole intention of raping him. Even if Josie did really want to have…

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